Solar-Powered Backpack Charges Gadgets

Do you have a bunch of electronic gadgets that you need to recharge while you travel? How about a solar charged backpack that harvests the sun’s energy efficiently to keep your gadgets juiced?

The Solar Backpack Backstory
When Australian hiker, Shayne McQuade found himself frustrated with his solar charger while trekking in Spain, he used his background as a builder to create a solar-charged backpack. That DIY prototype led to the birth of Voltaic Systems. Today, Shawn’s products are made mostly of recycled plastic bottles. His solar chargers and charging bags come with a range of adapters so that you can recharge just about anything you have in your electronics collection.

Why these backpacks are green:

  • save money on electric
  • shrinks your energy footprint
  • keep you safe when you go off-grid
  • made from recycled plastic bottles

What can you charge?

  • cell phones and smartphones
  • cameras
  • iPods

How long does it take to charge?

  • 4-5 hours in the sun will fully charge a typical phone
  • 1 hour will provide about 3 hours of talk time
  • Universal USB battery stores power for use anytime and is specially designed to charge efficiently from solar

What happens if there is no sun?

When the backpack is not in the sun, the battery can be charged using the USB Power Cable.

When I spotted this backpack over on the Daily Grommet website, I thought this might be a perfect graduation present for my son who will be traveling. What are your thoughts about such a product?

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Many thanks to you !

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Bill K.
Bill K.5 years ago

Awesome, thanks! Charging small devices with a PV backback is a great idea. There are also portable solar generators for larger appliances. Great for camping, tailgating, and light yard work. They weight a little more, but help expand the influence of solar power to other facets of living and recreation.

Shanaia M.
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they are pretty cool portable solar chargers indeed. I also found some smaller pocket sized solar chargers that you should check out also Portable Solar Power Systems

Lynn C.
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Oops. Forgot to add that Home Depot and Ace Hardware both recycle batteries - for those of you that have had my experince with the rechargable type. They haven't worked in several of the things I use batteries for. Frustrating! Money spent and still have to buy batteries. Can't wait until I don't have to use them at all!

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Like the solar backpack idea!

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I can't believe that no one ever thought of this earlier! I want one!

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This sounds great