The Best City for Vegans?

Over the last couple of years a huge surge of new vegan restaurants, apparel stores and even a completely vegan grocery store have opened in Berlin, Germany’s capital.

Berlin now hosts the world’s first completely vegan avenue, Schivelbeiner Straße, and the world’s largest vegan grocery store chain: Veganz. More than 16 vegan restaurants have sprung up in Berlin over the last couple of years and their numbers are continuing to grow. These changes are quickly putting Berlin on the map as a vegan haven or at least a vegan travel destination.

Schivelbeiner Straße:

This vegan avenue is home to one of the Veganz stores as well as Avesu vegan shoe store, DearGoods vegan clothing store, a Sunday vegan buffet brunch room, Goodies Cafe and more!


This completely vegan grocery store deserves a special mention. Can you imagine walking into a grocery store and everything – yes EVERYTHING — is vegan? They have over 80 vegan “cheeses,” rows of different vegan chocolates, and of course your regular delicious veggies, fruits, nuts and other healthy and vibrant vegan fare. Both vegans and non-vegans alike shop at these stores, says Jan Bredack, the CEO and Founder of Veganz. Because as we know, vegan food is incredibly delicious! (link to our cookbook)

This seemingly sudden upswing in Berlin’s vegan population and its potential vegan market, leads me to wonder… Could a peaceful vegan uprising be brewing in Germany?


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It all depends on our perception

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Well done to the city of Berlin - another reason to add it to my travel itinerary!

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That's it! I am moving to Berlin!
I am currently surrounded by sloppy, gluttonous, animal-murdering inbreds. I need a fresh start.

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So are the local factory farms going out of business?

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thanks for sharing :)