Accessories: Plates as Wall Decor

Clusters of complementary (or clashing) plates make appealing freeform wall art arrangements, as in this roundup of photos. A great way to lend a higher purpose to discarded plates.

Above: Marimekko plates, via Purple Area.

Above: Plates from Knack Studio.

Above L: A collection of delicate plates; photo by Daniel Hertzell. Above R: A collection of blue and white plates, from Living Etc.

Above: A cluster of plates bearing subversive messages like “Thou shalt not pollute”; photo by Sean Myers.

Above: Fine Little Day plates.

Above: A horizontal line of plates makes a surprisingly modern design element.

Above: An outdoor wall at the Viceroy Hotel patio bar in Santa Monica.

Plates with words can make especially meaningful art. See Remodelista’s post Accessories: Plates with Words as Decor.


Isabel Ramirez
Isabel Ramirez7 years ago

great ideas:)

K s Goh
KS Goh7 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Lisa D.
Lisa Plunkett7 years ago

That's a neat idea! Would be cute especially in the kitchen...

Salla T.
Salla T7 years ago

Lisa W; in the Fine Little Day picture (plates 6) you can see little hooks around the plates, if you look carefully. Otherwise, I think it's possible to glue a hanger on the backside of a plate.

Lisa W.
Lisa W7 years ago

I don't understand - I don't see plate hangars on any of these. How are they sticking them to the walls without any visible support? Am I not able to see the forest for the trees? It's probably something really simple, doh! Somebody tell me!

Sue W.
Past Member 7 years ago

Unimpressed, but find be able to think of more applicable, topics r scenes v words maybe.

Sandy Nichols
Sandy Nichols7 years ago

Cute in pictures but if you didn't have the right house it would look stupid.

Erin Sheffer
Erin Sheffer7 years ago

Neat idea!

Marjaana V.
M Y7 years ago

i've always used left over plates on my walls - you know, when a set is done but you quite liked it and feelo like saving one or two.

i never did think of actually packing a wall full of them. they look great but with kids and pets...

Chelsea M.
Chelsea M7 years ago

I love it!