Adorable Pets in the Sun (Reader Photos)

With less than a month left of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, we—and our animals!—are making the most out of these last rays of warm sunlight.

In celebration of the end of summer, we asked you to send in your photos of your pets enjoying the long, warm days. We were amazed by the quality and cuteness of the responses we received. We couldn’t possibly pick just one favorite, so instead, we picked our favorite photos for five different categories: Happiness in Moderation, Water Lovers, Summer Activities, Sunbeam Naps, Friends in the Sun, and Beautiful Sunbathers.

Because of the high volume of responses, we’re unable to feature every great photo we received—but to everyone who sent in submissions, a giant thanks! Give your animals a loving pat for us.


We humans are notoriously indecisive, so we enlisted the help of our animal companions to help us choose.


He lives with Care2 Editor Samantha.



Chessie and Percy
They live with Care2 Editor Molly.



And now… our favorite Pets in the Sun!

Happiness in Moderation

These animals have read articles on Care2 about the ramifications of sun damage! They like the sun, but they prefer to wear sunscreen and focus their time in the shade.


Submitted by Care2 reader Jessica L.



Submitted by Care2 reader Margrith B. They live in Catalonia in Spain.



Submitted by Care2 reader Nora D. They live in Dallas, Texas.


Water Lovers

What’s the best thing about summer? If you asked these dogs, they’d say: “WATERWATERWATERWATERWATER OH BOY!”


Submitted by Care2 reader Lulu. This photo was taken at a beach in Jacksonville, Florida.



Submitted by Care2 reader Linda M. The handsome King is a rescue pup!


Summer Activities

Whether they’re cavorting about in the yard or preparing to head off on a grand adventure, these animals know that summer is a great time for doing.


Submitted by Care2 reader Suzanne C. Along with 11 other rescue dogs, Robin lives with Suzanne at the Gabriella Camejo Foundation.



Submitted by Care2 reader Bill S. She’s nine years old now; Bill adopted her from animal control when she was a pregnant two-year-old.



Submitted by Care2 reader Jacqui H.


Sunbeam Naps (Cats Edition)

As soon as these cats stumble into a nice sunbeam, they can go from wide awake to snoozingly asleep in less than five seconds.


Oskar and Souky
Submitted by Care2 reader Sheila D.



Submitted by Care2 reader Laura S.


Sunbeam Naps (Dogs Edition)

These dogs don’t need full-on sun to be happy; give them a nice sunbeam, and they’ll be so comfortable that they may stay there all day.


Submitted by Care2 reader Kate Y. Kate says that sunbathing is Sadie’s “favorite place to be to get her daily Vitamin D and find her spiritual center!”



Submitted by Care2 readers Jennifer and Doug K. They live in Houston, Texas.



Submitted by Care2 reader Dolores P.


Friends in the Sun

What’s better than sunlight and summertime? Sunlight and summertime spent with your best animal pal.


Murphy and Molly Pupton
Submitted by Care2 reader Audie U. They live in Palm Desert, California.



Morris (cat) and Pepe (dog)
Submitted by Care2 reader Sherri S.


Beautiful Sunbathers (Dogs Edition)

It’s hard work to make sure that every patch of fur gets equally warmed, but these dogs are up to the task.


Submitted by Care2 reader Bethany D. They live in San Francisco, California.



Submitted by Care2 reader Kim.


Beautiful Sunbathers (Cats Edition)

So warm… so cozy… don’t you dare disturb me!


Submitted by Care2 reader Michelle B.



Submitted by Care2 reader Lynn P.


Thanks again for your submissions, readers, and have a sunny day!




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Melania Padilla
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Luca and Taffy. wow. beautiful kitties

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Love animal pics

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I can never have enough animal pictures.

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Aww...They're all so cute!

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Donna B5 years ago

They are all so beautiful! Had to come back and look again though so I could see MY favorites, the two Siamese. Just lost MY Baby, Misty less than a year ago. Such a lovely Siamese rescue kitty. Still miss her every day. She looked just like the one kitty in the basket. Thx so much for posting the pics! Really enjoyed them all.

Arild Warud

Nice pics,thanks.