Akashic Choices Of Your Mind

When Vedanta says that every world is a projection of the mind, it is describing an Akashic dream. In Akasha we realize the transcience of all things and the immensity of the unknown. The Akashic dream is cosmic, unlike the personal dreams we have at night.

To experience the Akashic field requires an expanded state of awareness. Contracted awareness keeps us anchored in daily affairs. The dramas we live out take unexpected turns, and as we make new choices, the life of the soul takes shape. The critical thing is to have a life of the soul, and that comes about only through expansion.

Akasha is the home of the soul and therefore cannot be limited in any way. The mystery, strangely enough, is how we manage to restrict the unbounded potential of our own minds. But we do. The choices we make build invisible barriers that only we can take down. There are constant forks in the road that shape the invisible structure of the mind depending on the road we choose.

The qualities we choose, such as Expansion/Contraction, Expression/Repression, Individualism/Conformity, and Altruistic, selfless/Ego-driven, donít describe types of people but qualities of your own mind, which expands and contracts depending on many factors.

The mind isnít a single thing moving in one direction. We may share a tendency to be more expressive when young, more repressed in old age, but we may also have gained personal insight to replace the received opinions that give young people a sense of belonging.

From day to day the mind fluctuates, even when we feel we are committed to a single path. Itís natural for life to be open-ended, and so it will continue afterlife. In the Akashic field we will meet both sides of ourselves, the individual who wants to be free and the conformist who wants to be secure. The Akashic field is nothing more than our own potential.

Adapted from Life After Death: The Burden of Proof, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2006).


Danuta Watola
Danuta W5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Janine Kaczynski
janine Kaczynski5 years ago

I would like to access my akashic record so that I would be able to see how I get out of this mess.

KS Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Gabriel Mills
Gabriel Mills8 years ago

(For "transcience" read "transience" -- temporary, passing.)

In Hindu mythology, Akasa is an actual "place" (Sanskrit Loka, Latin "loca" and our locale, location) or energy "plane" interpenetrating other planes of consciousness.

As the "Akasic Record" it is a cosmic storage-place for all the dreams, thoughts, ideas and actions which have ever taken place in the human realm, continuously modified and added to -- eg by Deepak's article, and all the comments here including this one. And by all the further reactions of people reading the comments.

In the human subtle energy system, Akasa corresponds with the forehead "third eye" chakra (Ajna) most active in extra-sensory perception (eg clairvoyance) and dreaming -- whose own energy-field is physically located in the "aura", or human mind-bio-energy field.

We can touch Akasa in states of meditation, dreams and the kinds of day-dreaming that often characterise flashes of intuitive and creative "Aha" experiences of so-called "genius". ("Genius loci" (Latin) refers to "unique spirit of a place".)

And it's not incompatible with particle physics. What Einstein called "spooky action at a distance" is "entanglement": the identical behaviour in tandem of any two particles which were once linked -- in a holographic universe.

Valerie V.Hunt's research proposes such personal information is stored in the aura probably electronically, in digital energy gradients. As our energy and aura changes with consciousness, we can acces

Ron K.
Ron K8 years ago

The number of souls are as limitless as the stars in the Universe there are no bounds for this Universe is limitless. One only needs to open their hearts and to free their mind to all that is True.

Regardless of your religious preference you must be open and willing to experience all that is; and the Truth will be presented to you.

As I make my journey through this life I am gaining a deeper understanding on how Eternity takes care of all that is.

Peace and Light to all!

Stephanie H.
Stephanie H.8 years ago

What happens if we aren't individual? I mean what does this article mean, or does it change meaning at all, if there is a multiplicity factor at play?

The human experience appears to be a process of synthesizing so that other souls can learn – not just “their” experience but the whole experience. By multiplicity I refer to the idea that one soul can inhabit more than one human body at a time. The number of human bodies past and present doesn’t equal the number of souls. Individuation occurs spontaneously and simultaneously. And so it strikes me that there are not a billion souls hanging around – there is one and all identities, purposes, personalities and the like are only ever one. We construct beliefs about this and every single construct can be deconstructed to show truth. Therefore, none exists (as does nothing). We need to be humble with what we think we know.

To me, there is only one path and that is the one I do. Not believe, not think – rather what I do – which I believe is the essence of this article. There is nothing else. We ought to enjoy, express, experience, and believe in ourselves. It is all about learning and we are the cause of this learning. We’re on our own to experience and that is the point of it.

If ever in doubt, just look in the mirror. See the patterns and then go on living. Everything will naturally be adjusted by the simple insight the adjustment is needed. Then you, me and others can just dance

Brenda Elliott
Brenda Elliott8 years ago

Yes, Dixon, that is EXACTLY what I am saying.

Even if there were only ONE truth to which we were all subscribing, because we are individuals with perceptions shaded by our experiences, our culture, our communities, our families, authority figures, media, etc., our particular perception of that one truth will be an individualized one like no other.

There is only one of you, one of me, one of each person. No two are alike. Each individual in a group of people who are let's say are collectively Baptists and believe in God will have a different idea about God (or even what being Baptist means) even while they THINK they share exactly the same idea.

God is God but our IDEAS about God and what it means to believe in God differ widely. God is called by many names and is sought through many spiritual paths. If a person gets "there" what difference can it possibly make to anyone else how they did it UNLESS that person’s “IDEA" about the “truth” says they are wrong.

janine k.
janine k8 years ago

Brenda and Uma, please, if anything happens to this site, I'd not like to lose touch with you both. Your words have inspired me as no others in the last several years. Uma, that was an interesting comment about midwifing. I'd like to read more of what you say. Very interested.

Dixon Murrah
Past Member 8 years ago

Brend has a rather loose definition of truth. Her definition seems to one of situational ethics. To say that there are as many truths as there are people is to say that no person really knows the truth, just their personal perception of reality/truth.

Brenda Elliott
Brenda Elliott8 years ago

We all have a truth we live by. Hell for me would be living Dixon's truth. Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt. It was good for me at the time though. I learned a lot in that theme park but what I could learn, could know and could experience was severely limited. It was a good place to start but only a start.

Some of us have trouble realizing that there are as many versions of truth as there are people. Out of all the ones I could have I would much rather have one that is motivated by, with, and through LOVE rather than through FEAR. It makes all the difference in the world in how you experience life. Alas I am still a novice but at least I am moving ever toward a better vision.

It is easier to gravitate towards a truth that holds out certainty, that has limitations, spells things out for you, tells you exactly what to do or not to do and has a definite black and white framework. That doesn't take any guts at all and no imagination.