Akashic Memories

Right now you are a bundle of information in mind and body. You have unique memories; your cells have undergone chemical changes shared by no one else in the world.

When you die, none of this information will vanish, because it can’t. There is nowhere for plus and minus, positive and negative to go since the field contains nothing but information. Therefore their only alternative is to recombine. How do they do that?

The answer lies in the root word of information, which is “form.” We inhabit an “in-formed universe” which strings atoms along the double helix of DNA, bits of information in physical form, just as it strings together information in nonphysical form as ideas.

This brings us one step closer to the breathtaking notion that the whole universe is God’s mind; that is, a dynamic field of intuitive information undergoing infinite transformations. But we can’t take that step unless we know how small ideas survive, much less cosmic ones.

The rishis taught that ideas survive in the Akashic field as memories. You and I constantly access Akashic memory when we assume that we are accessing our brains. In esoteric circles Akashic memory functions to give us information from departed spirits and past lifetimes.

In Jungian psychology the same memory accounts for cultures sharing the same myths and archetypes. Venus and Mars are invisible beings, yet present and alive. The Akasha remembers every god created by humans and every epic battle, romance and quest. We tap into them all the time as the human story continues from age to age.

Adapted from Life After Death: The Burden of Proof, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2006).


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Thank you :)

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Thanks for the article.

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To Beth, I took the book out of the library many years ago. He tells about the lives written on the trees. I'll speedread it and come back here to say what pg.
Max, I don't know about you. Reason? Knowng for sure? Hey, God knows everything for sure, and reason is a word in the dictionary. I know one thing. After you already know what is in your heart/mind/soul, you have fun digging for treasures, sailing to new places and finding new adventures. You still find more. Ron, most people are ordinary, few are extraordinary and some are made up, fictional. It's up to you to decide which you like.
I was told when I was born that my mother nearly died of an infection, 106 fever. My grandmother from Wales collected me. The name of the town they lived in was "Clarenceville" nobody knows that. Remember Clarence the angel? I've seen Clarence recently. There are unexplained people, ones who do not show up in a census.

Uma Chernoff
Uma Chernoff8 years ago

So the space between everything, micro and macro is intelligent, no, perhaps intelligence itself.It is the answer to where the mind that sits in the brain resides. If I think of things this way it strengthens my perception that other-where is just over to the side somewhere.When I feel spirits it seems as though they are just over my left shoulder just out of field to the corner of my left eye. When I started really noticing it was around some deaths of people quite close to me. Being dominantly empathetic feeling is my first awareness, the sensing of feelings and persona other than myself. Having reached the awareness of the taste of my own feelings and thoughts if I am quiet for a second it's easy for me to differentiate between my own and other. A clairvoyant will see presences in Akash clearly.If I'm with one my empathy allows me to use his extended sense and he will experience mine as well. We, as mind, "see" through our eyes and perceive through the other sensory organs not with them. MIND sees, hears, smells, feels, through eye ear nose and nerves.During sleep we enter into akashic worlds that we are actually extending mentality through but during waking are no more aware of than a centipede it's legs,there being no functionality to awareness of those levels with our attention seated here. Mind and awareness follow attention,when not focused here, asleep, mind explores whatever level it's vibration is matching but we exist, as awareness, all the way to the source.

Dragonfly Chase
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correction for Max, it's "The Search for Bridey Murphy" and it's the true story of a woman who found documented proof of a past life as Bridey. It's old but still good.

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There is an old Zen saying that comes to mind after reading some of the comments:

"The ordinary man looks outward"


Dragonfly Chase
Dragonfly Chase8 years ago

Max, your comment makes me so sad. I am here to tell you that our energy most certainly does exist after our bodies pass away. Here's some reading for you. I hope it these books will give you as much hope and excitement as they gave me.

Ruth Montgomery - A World Beyond (must read)

I recommend all of Ruth's books.

Also, Ramtha's book "Destination Freedom" changed my life, but it may be too "out there" for some.

There are many books on the subject and I suggest you get to reading. If you want something more documented, read "The Lives of Bridey Murphey" for a documented case of reincarnation. Have fun, take heart, be of good cheer. This is not all there is!