All-Natural Uplifting Cologne

This all-natural formula includes an ingredient whose sweet scent is prized as both an anti-depressant and an appetite suppressant. The cologne smells divine and it has great uplifting properties, as well!


1/4 cup vodka
1/4 teaspoon glycerin
1 vanilla bean
1 3-inch strip of orange or lemon peel, preferably organic

1. Combine the vodka and glycerin in a sterilized glass container with a tightly-fitting lid, shaking vigorously to mix.

2. Split the vanilla bean lengthwise and add along with the orange or lemon peel. Shake to mix.

3. Allow to age for 1 week or more in a cool, dark place.

4. Gently swirl mixture and then decant into a pretty, decorative bottle.

Inspired by Perfumes, Splashes, and Colognes by Nancy M. Booth (Storey Books, 1997).


Robert O.
Robert O6 years ago

Thanks Annie.

Lorraine F.
Lorraine F.7 years ago

I wonder what else you could use for this as I am not a big fan of vanilla. I like more of the designer colognes. I buy discounted fragrances online. Same selection as department stores but much more easy on the pocketbook!

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Shall try. Thanks

Sue L.
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Thanks for the article. I'll give the recipe a try.