Angels Among Us: Minnie

Presented by Erica Sofrina

Welcome to the angel story submissions from our Care2 readers. We have received some wonderful stories by wonderful writers that we will be featuring in our next segment of Angel Stories, Random Acts of Kindness. Please send your stories  to  This story was submitted by Anne Anderson

Many years ago I was a FISH driver. We would drive people who were unable to afford transportation to Doctor’s appointments and other necessary errands.

One day I was sent to a little shack by the railroad tracks to pick up a lady and take her to the doctor. I knocked at the door and was greeted by Minnie Johnson. She was about four feet ten and weighed about 225 pounds. She was as broad as she was tall, a jolly chocolate bon bon! Her grin reached from ear to ear. I smiled back, but inwardly I was worried whether the springs of the car could hold up to such weight.

We made it and after we returned to her home she offered me some sugar tea. Her little place was spotless. White curtains hung at the windows and she had pots of red geraniums on every table.

She lived alone…well not quite alone! She shared her little house with a mynah bird named Joe.

Joe was very vocal and very rude. He would croak out,

”Minnie, you is a polka dotted fool.”

Minnie would respond,

“Shut up, Joe!”

This rather limited dialogue seemed to amuse them both and they would repeat it over and over complete with raucous laughter.

Minnie was from a poor share croppers family in Mississippi. Her one bad habit was craving Mississippi mud. She kept a stash in her closet for midnight snacks no doubt!

Although she had no formal education she was an intelligent woman and Nobody’s Fool. When Jim Jones’ Group tried to recruit her, her antennae warned her about the danger. She learned to build a good life and we had a lot in common.

Her religion was unorthodox. She saw demons everywhere, but her relationship with Jesus was close. She considered him a dear pal and talked with him often about her life.

We became good friends. She even became friends of my friends.

One day it was pouring rain. I was trying to practice the piano when I heard an inward voice say,

“Get up. Get groceries and bring them to Minnie….NOW!”

I tried to ignore the voice. It was cold and stormy out and I had just poured myself a steaming cup of tea.

But the voice refused to be ignored. So I reluctantly bundled up, trudged to Lucky Stores and loaded up on food I knew Minnie liked (No mud however!)

I drove to her little home. She didn’t have a proper door, only a screen door so I could see her as I approached. She was kneeling, arms up in supplication and beseeching her pal, Jesus to help because she was sure hungry.

When I appeared she broke into her radiant smile and looked up and said,

“Thank you, Jesus. I asked for an angel, but you sent my friend, Anne and she will do just fine!”

So this isn’t an angel story, but I was a good enough substitute!

For weeks following I glowed all over. Minnie was far more of a gift to me than I was to her. It pays to listen to your inner voice! If you do, you might just be an angel in disguise!


Anne Anderson

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Tim C.
Tim C4 years ago


Heather M
Heather Marvin5 years ago

That inner Voice can save lives. Can guide us to make the right decisions but we need to lean upon Jesus and read the Word so that its the right voice. I absolutely believe what you have written because its truth.Loved the article, so full of love. The inner voice of prompting not a voice that drives or nags.

Teresa Cowley
Teresa Cowley5 years ago

What delightful people--you, Minnie and Joe (he's a feather-person)!
Sounds to me like you were (are?) a "God-send" for each other (you and Minnie--Joe is his own kind of God-send).
Thank you for sharing this slice of happiness.

Margaret C.
Margaret C6 years ago

You know, Anne, that little voice is a "God"-send. It tells us things that makes everybody feel good and makes everything work out.

Thanks for being Minnie's friend and a true, living angel.

Tina Scislow
Tina Scislow6 years ago

How true it is that we should listen to our inner voices and that there are hidden blessings everywhere. If we learn to look with the eyes of our hearts instead of with the eyes of our brains, then we will begin to see them everywhere.

Mary E.
Mary E6 years ago

another wonderful story - thank you so much for sharing.

Rachael W.
Rachael W6 years ago

Beautiful people and a beautiful story

Loo Samantha
Loo sam6 years ago

thanks for sharing this beautiful article.

Star S.6 years ago

beautiful story

Lin Moy
Lin M6 years ago

Wish I knew her, she sounds like a wonderfull woman, but I might not have liked the bird haha