Angels Among Us, The Parcel Delivery Man

Angel Stories Inspirational Series by Erica Sofrina, motivational speaker, teacher, author and coach

What is it about some people we meet that we never forget? Being around them lifts our spirits and compels us to be our better selves. Their influence often lasts many hours after our encounter.

Care2 member Kirsten Bergen submitted this angel story about the Parcel Delivery man in her town in Gerlingen, Germany who is such a person.

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Our Parcel Delivery man

By Kirsten Bergen

This one came to me while I was waiting for sleep to catch me last night.

 We have a parcel delivery man who touches the life of everyone he 
sees during the day. He does nothing spectacular, he just greets you, smiles, radiates happiness and hands over the parcel.

He knows many people by name in our community of 20,000 people in Gerlingen Germany. When driving around town, If he 
sees you and has a parcel but you weren’t at home, he’ll stop and let 
you know plus suggest a time to come back to deliver it (on his own,
 non-paid time more often than not).

I am an adult education teacher. When my seniors come to class looking bright and happy, if it is not because one of them has become a grandparent, it is because a parcel has been delivered. The sustained joy they feel is often not because of the parcel contents, but because of our wonderful delivery man.

I’ve heard him called many things – from ‘that nice young man’ to
’that angel.’ I do not know his secret, but he manages to touch the 
life of everyone he comes into contact with each day.

 especially the older generations, tend to be a dour lot but he can bring
 any of them to a smile. He had one of my particularly difficult students
 sitting in a sunny haze for the better part of our hour and a half 
lesson the other month.

My daughter runs to the door whenever she hears that it is a
 postal delivery and ends up fairly down crest if it is one of the other
 three delivery people. Other mothers I know say the same – the kids 
run to the door for parcel deliveries as if it were their Birthday, just to say hello if it is him.

Is he an angel? I don’t know. But he has a very special gift which he
 shares with everyone he encounters each and every day.

Kirsten Bergen is a teacher and author living in Gerlingen, Germany. To find out more about Kirsten you are invited to go to her web site at site

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Kirsten B.
Past Member 4 years ago

Mac C. - I appreciated our postman a lot more when he got transferred! I haven't seen him in about a year now, but find myself glancing at the driver of each postal van which goes by, just in case it is him. So do many of my friends.

Kirsten B.
Past Member 4 years ago

That's a really powerful story Heidi - thank you.
I live in South West Germany now, where the winters are not nearly as harsh as some parts of Eastern Germany - I can almost picture what it might have been like to be locked up in a barn in winter with fear.

Erica Sofrina
Erica Sofrina4 years ago

Wow Heidi, what an incredible story, thank you for sharing it with us! Thank you all for sharing your stories as well, I appreciate you!

Heidi Aubrey
Heidi Aubrey4 years ago

I'll share a story my Mother told me about what she thought was an angel.

In WWII, my family on my mother's side owned a farm in Germany(later to be East Germany). Many people are unaware that the Russians too were attacking Germany.

The fighting got so bad(close) that my Grandmother(my Grandfather was drafted into the German army and killed) had to pack up all the children(my mom 9 others), in the middle of winter(German Winter-think Siberia) with the draft horses and wagon. They loaded only what they could put on the wagon. All the other farmers were abonding their property as well and fleeing the oncoming Russian(notorious drunks-with firearms)Army.

They were actually caught (my family and one other) by the Russian solders and put into a barn. There the guards were getting drunk and hostile. They killed some members of the other family.

My Mom said then(at the sound of gunfire in the barn) a Russian Lieutenant came in. He barked orders at them very sternly and had the men who shot the helpless farmer family arrested. He then came over and spoke to my Grandmother and my mother directly.

My Mom said he spoke such good German that if it were not for his uniform, she would not have believed him to be Russian. He guaranteed their safety personally.

She(my Mom) is now 80 and remembers him like yesterday to this day. She believes if it were not for him, they would be dead.

Mac C.
mac C4 years ago

Thank you, Erica, for bringing us a really nice story. Kristen, you are lucky to know such a person and to get a daily reminder how special it is to be kind to others. I am sure your postman feels happy to know all of you as well. Thank you!

Mariah Wilson
Mariah Wilson4 years ago

That's cute.

Terry V.
Terry V4 years ago

Many thanks

Sue Matheson
Sue Matheson4 years ago


Lin M
Lin M5 years ago

Our neighbor was our postman. Walked thru the day. He was just as nice anytime and always a happy man.

Patricia A.
P A6 years ago

Our Parcelforce deliveryman is rather like that - always sunny and happy - and people toot their horns and wave when they see him as they pass by or stop for a chat - wonderful chap - and he's only in his twenties - I hope he inspires lots of others.