Animal Angels: The Mouse That Saved a Life

As the Holiday season is among us, and so many heart-felt comments about my article last week on the amazing story of Animal Communication and the beautiful  black Leopard , I thought my Care2 friends would enjoy hearing again these heart-warming Angel Animal stories submitted by our Care2 members. Here is a wonderful one about a remarkable mouse. You will find more member stories linked at the end of this one. Happy holidays and thank you for YOUR stories!

Many of us have heard remarkable stories about how animals have saved humans. Often they are pets who perform heroic and even seemingly impossible feats to save their owners. In this true story submitted by Care2 member Andrew Quilliam, his friend’s life was saved by a friendship  forged with one of the tiniest of creature from the rodent family. I call this little enlightened being Mighty Mouse. In thinking about how I loved this cartoon growing up, my favorite line when Mighty Mouse was rallying his troops to go into battle against the Cat Villains was: Are we  Men or are we Meeses! Their reply… we’re Meeses! In my child’s world I felt the Meeses were far superior.

Having been an animal lover for many years, I believe in their deep intelligence. I often observe how our pets seem to come in knowing unconditional love, something it takes us humans years to learn, if ever.

When an animal appears on our path in an unusual way, the Native American’s believe these visitations are important messages sent to us by Spirit from our animal brothers and sisters. I like to use my Medicine Cards Deck to look up the Native American meaning and then meditate on the personal significance this might have for me. Some profound messages have been imparted to me as I pay attention to the wild animals that show up in my life.

“The Amazing Friendship”
By Andrew Quilliam Brewer

There have been many stories about mice. They fill the shelves of children’s literature. What is so extraordinary about this story besides the fact that it actually happened, is the friendship that emerged between a man and a mouse. This is more the story of an amazing friendship. A real friendship that saved a life.

An old friend of mine named Michael came to visit our mountain hermitage on the backside of the volcano Haleakala on the Island of Maui. He was spending a month on a kind of healing retreat with us in a funky old cabin hidden in a circle of trees not far from the main house. One morning, after several weeks in relative seclusion, he arrived for breakfast, shaken and emotional, and he told me the following story.

He had gone to bed with tea and a good book, after turning off his portable Coleman stove. He left out a little of his dinner for a small mouse that had recently become his friend. Michael was not a person who was fond of mice, but he said the mouse had been so fearless and so cute that, despite his ambivalence, he decided to share his food and to strike up a friendship with the mouse. He named him Henry. He said that feeding Henry had oddly made him feel like a better person.

He dropped off into what he described as a deep, strange, paralyzing sleep, and awoke some hours later to the sound of a shrill and insistent squeal, and an odd thumping sensation upon his chest. Forcing his eyes open, he saw his tiny mouse friend leaping up and down next to his face, clearly agitated.

Astonished by such a scene he roused himself and was shocked to discover that he could barely move! Seeing that he was now awake, Henry leapt off the bed, and ran under the door to the outside.

With great effort, Michael rolled off the bed and crawled laboriously to the front door, pushing it open.

The fresh pre-dawn air hit his lungs and then he understood.

The gas canister from that old stove had leaked its entire contents into the room, poisoning him as he slept!

Somehow, the tiny mouse comprehended the situation and yet he put his own life in jeopardy in order to save Michael.

Once outside, Michael found himself lying face down on the porch next to Henry.  They were both panting and trying to get their breath.

Michael told me that tears of gratitude welled up in his eyes as he realized that his life had been saved, not by the Fire Department, not by the Navy Seals, but by his very small friend, Henry, who happened to be a mouse.


Henry, I never knew you, but you have changed forever the way I look at mice. For that, I will always be grateful.   Thank you for saving my friend Michael. A. Quilliam

Andrew Quilliam Brewer is a Shamanic Teacher, Healer and Author living in Santa Fe New Mexico. He and his remarkable wife Susanne Still are the founders of Blue Jaguar Medicine Arts, You can visit Andrew and Susanne’s The New Continuum Wisdom Gallery as well as their Wisdom Journal and Healing Kiva  for more remarkable stories and powerful shamanic art work.

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Angels Stories are compiled by  Erica Sofrina, Life Coach, Teacher and Author and Green Living and Spirituality contributor for She is also the Founder of the West Coast Academy of Feng Shui as well as Earth Spirit Adventure Travel where she takes groups to powerful energy vortexes on the planet for experiences


Nickihermes Celine
Past Member 5 years ago

touching story,thank you for sharing 5/7

.5 years ago

great touching and amazing story,thank you for sharing

Kari J.
Matilda W5 years ago

Mickey has died. :(
I was wondering how she was doing, so early this evening whilst it was still light I went to the church with more supplies. I put them through the gate and then walked round the church- I felt compelled to- and found her lying dead on the ground! By looking closely I think Mickey was a female. Some people would laugh at my caring about a mouse but I am wracked with guilt. Sobbing I took her body back home and gave her a burial in my front garden. I lit insense and stuck it over her grave recited the Heart Sutra.

I am so upset to think of her dying all alone and frightened. Perhaps one of the pigeons in the church scared her outside. I have been crying a lot and wonder how her spirit could ever forgive me. I am truly sorry to have caused her death. I loved her and let her down. She was beautiful with tiny whiskers and little pink feet and nose.

I know I probably deserve bad karma now.

Thank you for reading.

Kari J.
Matilda W5 years ago

Wow that is amazing and moving. I had a mouse living in my house I called Mickey until yesterday. He was very bold and ate the offerings on my Buddha shelf. I was worried he'd chew the electrical cables so I sadly had to get a humane trap so i could find him a new home. He outsmarted it for over a week enjoying all the peanut butter, dried fruit, nuts and seeds in it until the door rattled yesterday morning and he was caught. So I took him to an old church in the local cemetery and left him water, food and tissues for bedding. I miss him as he was cute and played peek a boo under my armchair. I will visit the church reguarly and leave him food and some cotton wool as it is cold- hope he survives.

Melissa Franklin
Melissa Franklin5 years ago

this is such a sweet story. Even the smallest of creatures can save your life =]]

Alice Almeida
Alice Almeida5 years ago

I would like to have meet Henry

Christina B.
Christina B5 years ago

That was indeed an amazing story. I wish I could understand the secret language of animals.

Kathleen Cazander

thanks for sharing

Veronique L.
Veronique L5 years ago

Thank you!

Summerannie Moon
Summerannie M5 years ago

One can hate mice for all those reasons but when you read a story such as this and remember the mouse was indeed brave b/c of it being so tiny that a little of the gas would have killed him.
A great story thank you!

The attitude not only to animals but to all who are different from our ' norm' and indeed mice are looked upon as vermin and in my youth I had quite a few mice, they all have brains, all have their own inner knowledge and knowing but its up to us to see each of us and each of the animals in a different light and get down to their level or try and understand them and then we can change our demeanor.
I could share quite a few stories of wild animals. Gosh not tigers or lions or pythons and yet I did hold one a few years ago, and trembled in doing so. now I think I could handle a snake but ot a wrestling python or some other seriously dangerous wild furious animal. Who knows anyway till one is faced with it. Its all to do with Trust.