Test Your Animal Knowledge! (Quiz)

Test your knowledge of the animal kingdom with this quiz. Good luck!

1. A giraffe cleans its ear with:

a. its tongue
b. tree bark
c. q-tips
d. leaves (done by another giraffe, usually a mother or a mate)

2. Crickets hear with:

b. their knees
c. a special organ located on their upper back
d. a sound-amplifying tongue

3. An elephant drinks with its trunk. True or False?

4. A bullfrog swallows by:

a. gulping in air along with whatever is being swallowed
b. croaking which causes the throat to undulate
c. by blinking
d. stretching its neck upwards

5. Pandas have which extra feature, not typically found in other mammals

a. an extra “nose” found inside the mouth cavity
b. thumbs
c. double-jointed knees
d. photo-sensitive nose pads

6. A shark can lose and grow how many teeth during a lifetime?

a. 2,500
b. 5,000
c. 15,000
d. 20,000

7. Common earthworms cannot see, hear or smell. True or False?

8. The blue whale’s heart is the size of a:

a. breadbox
b. desktop computer
c. a small car
d. a king-sized bed

9. An albatross has the largest wingspan of any bird and can glide for months on ocean winds without landing. True or false?

10. A beaver’s teeth grow with sudden bursts and stop growing by their second birthday. True or False?















The Answers

1. A: tongue

A giraffe uses its long blue tongue for ear cleaning. It is an easy task for a giraffe as their tongues are almost two feet long!

2. B: knees

Crickets hear with their knees! Each “ear” is a tiny hole with a thin tight coveringlocated under each knee.

3. False.

An elephant uses its trunk to squirt water into its mouth. The trunk is primarily a breathing and smelling organ, in addition to a wonderfully adept “hand-arm.”

4. C: By blinking

As weird as that sounds, a bullfrog actually swallows its food by blinking its bulging eyeballs. This pushes the bulbous eyeballs down on the top of its mouth, which forces food down the throat.

5. B: Thumbs

Pandas have front paws equipped with extra wrist bones that act like thumbs. They use these thumbs to grip tightly onto their favorite food, bamboo.

6. D: 20,000

Teeth are obviously an essential part of any shark worth his salt. These teeth do not grow in a single row, like human teeth, but rather in multiple rows. New rows grow in behind the older rows.

7. True

With the exception of Richard Scary’s top-hat wearing earthworm character, Lowly, the common earthworm cannot see, hear or smell, but it has an acute sense of touch. Even without the aforementioned senses that humans rely on, the little earthworm can tell between dark and light, wet and dry, hard and soft and hot and cold.

8. C: A small car

Nearly everything about the blue whale is super-sized. It weighs as much as 25 elephants, it is as long as three buses and as wide as a 2-story building! Nearly 50 people could stand on a blue whale’s tongue — if the whale would let them (highly unlikely and please do not try this at home).

9. True

The albatross, while not so graceful on land, is built for the skies. It can glide for months at sea by just catching one wind current after another. It can even sleep in the air.

10. False

A beaver’s bright orange teeth actually never stop growing, similar to our fingernails. Unlike many other mammals, beavers’ bodies also keep growing throughout their entire lifetime. They just keep getting longer and heavier until they reach old age and die, which if they are lucky is about twelve years.

Did any of these answers surprise you? Did you know most, if not all, of the answers?


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Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable quiz. Evidently I don't know as much as I think I do about animals. I would have never thought that a bullfrog swallows by blinking

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