My Most Insightful Meditation: What’s Yours?

As simple and as informal as this guided meditation is, I never fail to gain insight, wisdom, and healing, when I remember to do it! It has come to my aid, for example, in situations as diverse as helping me during a horrible fight with my mother when all my “buttons” were triggered (and the insight I gained was transformative), to helping with a writer’s block that occurs occasionally.

As a meditation it is deceptively simple, and you don’t need to sit in a special way, breathe deeply, be at a special place, or be any way except as you are at the moment.

Guided Meditation

Ask your Higher Self (located about eight inches above your head) to please send healing to the part of you that is having trouble with the situation at hand (emotional, physical, whatever), and pray for insight.

When I ask for these things, I invariably feel some energetic movement in the part of my body that needs healing (and the location of this part is often revealing), and a deep insight about the situation pops into my head (sometimes not right away, but within 10 minutes).

Hardly a day goes by when such a meditation doesn’t offer help.

Please offer your meditations and link to the thread for this in Care2Connect.

By Annie B. Bond


paul m.
paul m5 years ago

Thanks for ....

paul m.
paul m5 years ago


Zee Kallah
Helen Porter5 years ago

Prior to Meditation

Speak then to me, oh, Keeper of Wisdom
secrets that You would have me to know.
Speak then that I, in resource to fountain,
may share cup with children thirsting below.

Few are the men who look 'neath the surface,
women who seek the dreamless, the song.
Few are the chosen, sad children wandering,
weeping in shadow, "Oh, Lord, how long?"

Speak then and I shall know of thy goodness,
give for that sweetness life as I know.
Scorn then cruel darts thrown in ignorance,
unshamed shall drink the truth that You flow.

Speak then.
Thy servant

Melissa Condon
Melissa Condon5 years ago

I definitely intend to try asking my "higher self" for healing. I have never really focused on any out of body experiences or aspects of meditation before, but I think it's definitely worth a try.

Robert O.
Robert O5 years ago

Thanks Annie.

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen5 years ago

Thank you :)

Jennifer C.
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Gina M.
Gina M.6 years ago

So simple, yet Very powerful, thank you!

I like to ask my Higher Self for a mantra of the day. Like this one:
Whenever I feel stuck or down or frustrated, I close my eyes, and repeat my mantra.

The one technique that Always brings me peace and insight is bringing a column of White Light down through my head and back out my hands and feet. I offer this meditation as a free download to my clients. It really brings inner peace to any situation and allows for immediate positive action! Check out a short guided meditation here: Part of my free 5-day video series. :) enjoy!

Thank you again - I'm passing this one along!

Zee K.
Past Member 6 years ago

My most insightful meditations are when I lie down in bed and get real comfy with my teddy bears. Then I turn my love and adoration to my Higher Power, and ask him a question. I cuddle up with my teddy bears and listen while he explains it to me

It amused me one night when someone said, "We want you to admit their are many gods." I didn't respond but I got thinking about it later and I talked it over with my Higher Power. He said, "Of course there are many gods." He reminded me of when I learned that El or God just means "mighty one" and can even refer to a governor.

He also reminded me that the Psalms say, "I have said ye are gods." Jesus in the New Testament referred back to that statement when addressing the Pharisees. "I have said ye are gods."

He went on to remind me that God is omnipresent....everywhere. If God is everywhere, than quantum physics must be correct. Everything is alive and aware and makes choices. Even
atoms choose who they will dance with.

Than he spoke of the emanations and reminded me that all is ONE. God is similar to an energy, existent everywhere, yet with centers of consciousness. He than started talking about monads and computers and I sort of knew I was out of my level of comprehension.

I don't know about monads and computers but I know about my concept of God.

Tim Cheung
Tim C6 years ago