Anti-Aging with Bio-Identical Signaling

By Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D

An anti-aging approach I have used for years just got better!

I have been fortunate to witness the technological evolution that has brought us bio-identical signaling. I first met the people behind it six years ago, after my anti-aging MD introduced it to me as he offered this particular technology to his patients in his office. It was a machine that had a nasal cannula attached to it and I sat there and breathed through the cannula much like you see people do with oxygen, only I was not breathing oxygen. I didn’t know exactly what was going on but trusted this doctor and gave it a try. I personally felt the benefits right away and continued this protocol for about eight weeks. But, driving an hour both directions several times a week was getting tiresome. My insurance did not cover this protocol even though it is an FDA approved Class 1 medical device so it was costing me quite a bit out of pocket to continue seeing the doctor and using the device in his office. I asked my doctor if the manufacturers offered a home unit as it was helping so much, perhaps I could contact them directly. My doctor was kind enough to refer me to the owners of the device. I connected with them and ultimately acquired a home unit of my own which is a similar technology to the new improved device they offer today. Once again they have a home unit available and a professional unit for doctors, spas and other wellness centers.

I spoke with the owners again recently, Hans Eng and Rowena Gates and learned that they have developed a whole new approach which was recognized as “bio-identical” when precise testing verified that the device produced the exact same signal as is naturally produced by the body.

The term bio-identical caught my attention right away because the term “bio-identical” is of special interest to me due to the remarkable results that I have had using bio-identical hormones which now many mainstream doctors are beginning to recognize and endorse as well. For me, bio-identical hormone protocols, such as The Wiley Protocol, are what I do and have written about here at my Care2 Celestial Musing’s blog.

It just makes sense today to promote health by augmenting what the body naturally does rather than overriding it with drugs, vaccines or an unnatural level of any chemical substance. Doing things in a way that is “bio-identical” acknowledges the fact that the body knows best. That said, sometimes it can use a little help – not surprising given the levels of over the counter drugs, prescription drugs, vaccines, environmental toxicity and emotional stress that most of us are exposed to.

One of the reasons for my excitement about this new version and decision to share it with my readers, is my personal experience with the earlier technology, which I have found very beneficial – both to humans and our animal companions. I included the use of this device in my book The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care, which I co-authored with Jean Hofve, DVM. Although the older technology that I have used for years and described in my book cannot be called “bio-identical,” it does draw on the same principles.

What is bio-identical signaling?

Cellular functions depend on signaling between molecules within cells and among neighboring cells. Bio-identical signaling technology, which was developed by Eng3 Corporation in Seattle, Washington generates the precise signal needed to trigger repair mechanisms called oxidative response. Oxidative response counterbalances oxidative stress damage, which is caused by free radicals, which according to the American Heritage Dictionary are defined as, “An atom or group of atoms that has at least one unpaired electron and is therefore unstable and highly reactive. In animal tissues, free radicals can damage cells and are believed to accelerate the progression of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and age-related diseases.”
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Damage from free radicals and their repair are ongoing activities – it’s a natural cycle. Problems only arise when the repair is not sufficient to counteract the damage. Now Eng3’s bio-identical signaling technology can be used to help the body boost repair activities by signaling oxidative response.

I mentioned that oxidative stress is caused by free radicals and it might help to know a little more about where the damage is coming from. We tend to think of things like toxins and unhealthy food as sources of free radicals, and they are, but you might be surprised to learn that we produce free radicals with every breath. Free radicals called reactive oxygen species (ROS) are the result of metabolizing oxygen. This ROS generates ongoing damage that must be repaired if we are to remain healthy.

You may think that taking antioxidants is the answer and it is true that they do neutralize free radicals to prevent damage. However, antioxidants cannot help repair damage. In addition, overdoing antioxidants can be harmful because they can shut down your body’s natural signaling for oxidative response. It turns out that some free radicals, called “second messengers,” are needed to trigger oxidative response. If second messengers are neutralized by too many antioxidants, your body’s repair mechanisms will never be called to action. Using a bio-identical signaling device ensures that your oxidative response kicks in, even if you have overdone the antioxidants.


The actual products I am referring to are called NanoVi™ or NanoVi Pro™ devices. Both work the same way but the Pro device is more powerful so it takes less time for a session. When considering whether a particular protocol is right for you, one can always look into the testing that has been done on the various protocols that come our way. Measures of oxidative stress damage and DNA repair are good ways of validating this particular approach.

According to Eng3, a recent study showed that double strand DNA breaks repaired 54 percent faster when performance athletes used the NanoVi Pro™ device as part of their training regime. A German diagnostics company, in cooperation with an Olympic training center in Vienna, did this study. A second area of research involved measuring aldehydes, which are a well-accepted marker for oxidative stress damage. Again, the NanoVi Pro device proved to be beneficial. On average, participants improved their score by 14 percent after just one 20-minute session.

Who uses it?

Think about the aging process, which wouldn’t happen if all cells functioned, and replicated themselves, flawlessly. We age because damage is not counteracted by the body’s repair mechanisms. It is the same with chronic or age-related diseases. The body is simply not able to fix things fast enough so cells become dysfunctional. Disease sets in when enough cells are not working properly. Tipping the scales in favor of repair is the perfect way to help the body heal itself.

Eng3’s NanoVi™ technology gives a healthy person a boost, helps them stay vital, and slows the aging process. If you are unhealthy and have a condition associated with oxidative stress, improving your oxidative response could be a key part of your recovery. I should point out that chronic illness like heart disease, diabetes, cancers, sleep apnea, respiratory illness, fatigue and a host of other conditions are related to oxidative stress. If you want to know if your condition might benefit from this technology, just do a search on the web that includes the name of the condition and the phrase “oxidative stress.” You will see that oxidative stress damage, and the chronic inflammation it causes, has a role in almost every chronic illness.

In addition to health and anti-aging, athletes use this technology. Performance athletes put a lot of stress on their bodies. They metabolize many times more oxygen that a normal person so they create more oxidative stress damage and have a greater need for repair and regeneration. All competitive athletes stress their bodies; the ones that recover faster can train harder and perform better. It’s that simple. This is why athletes rely on the technology and were studied in the investigation of DNA damage.

A little history – from my own experience

The main reason I want to share information about bio-identical signaling with you is that an older form of this technology (before it could be called “bio-identical”) has been extremely helpful to me. The idea of coming out with a new technology that is even better seems almost too good to be true. I bought my device, which was called “activated air,” six years ago after using it at my doctors office as I mentioned above. Once he introduced it to me, I immediately wanted to know more about it and when he connected me to Rowena at Eng3 I got a much better idea of what I was breathing for 20 minutes during my session at my doctor’s office.

It wasn’t long before I decided I had to get a device of my own so that I could use it every day for even longer periods of time. I had had firsthand experience, using it in conjunction with my personal nutritional protocol and supplement regime. I could feel the results, which included more energy. At personal appearances and speaking engagements, people told me I way defying the aging process and seemed to keep looking young.

I have to admit that the price of the device made me gulp during that initial phone conversation with Rowena, but I checked into financing it which worked out great as I just knew it would be money well spent and, in that spirit, made the investment. I have used the device regularly for the last six years and wouldn’t want to be without it. I figured out how to give sessions to my cats as well which I explain in my Holistic Cat Care book.

I personally feel this device is one of the best anti-aging and recovery tools I know of and, over time, one of the most economical when you amortize it over the length of time it has performed flawlessly. I know what I have saved by having my own device, in time, gas and treatment costs at my doctor’s office.

Many thanks to Eng3 for helping me to understand this technology. I am delighted they have come out with something even better which I hope to acquire one day soon. In the meantime I expect to see a lot more people taking advantage of this fantastic technology, as the term “bio-identical signaling” is becoming more widely used and more people, especially baby boomers, will want to have this device as part of their own anti-aging and wellness protocols.

The Eng3 Corp offers more information and their staff will be happy to assist you. You can even tell them you learned about it here at my blog. Ask your doctor if it is right for you, as it may even be something he or she might like to utilize in his or her own regime or practice. It certainly has been right for me!

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