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1Hour Break® Launches World’s First Sublingual Anxiety Relief Spray
All natural takes on $320bn synthetic stress and anxiety relief industry

San Francisco, CA, April 24th, 2014 –
1Hour Break® launched the world’s first sublingual stress and anxiety relief spray today on Indiegogo.

1HourBreak®, the innovative herbal product that brings quick and effective stress relief with a single spray, needs your help making its stress-free formula more accessible to more people.

The product was developed by Vu Nguyen, a consumer behavior expert; his wife Allison Lardizabal, a Registered Nurse; brother in-law Don Lardizabal, an international business professional; and Mitch Coven, a Herbal Botanist and Board Member of the American Herbal Product Association.

Nguyen and Lardizabal formulated the product in a FDA- certified US-based facility. This NSF GMP certified facility, assures the quality and integrity of the finished product. The acronym NSF GMP stands for “National Sanitary Foundation/Good Manufacturing Practices.” NSF GMP Certified labs must undergo regular inspection by state and
federal health authorities as well as audits by independent clients. 1Hour Break™ is also Star-K Kosher certified and gluten free.

Some of the key benefits of the product include:

It is not prescription anxiety medication that can come with unwanted and dangerous side effects. It is not the easy fix of alcohol, which is addictive and dangerous.

NO MYSTERY INGREDIENTS: It is a truly natural, balanced herbal formulation based on a 3,000-year-old tradition that can bring stress relief and help to keep it away.

ELEGANT AND PORTABLE: The form factor is tiny, and easily fits into a pocket or bag. Spraying is convenient, easy, and just takes seconds.

AFFORDABLE: Current stress and anxiety relief options can cost literally hundreds of dollars. At a target price of around $15 for each 15 serving bottle, 1Hour Break® is over 1000% cheaper – allowing users will feel good choosing a healthier more natural option to stay calm, cool, and collected while saving money.

“We could all use some better options for stress relief, right? Or, chances are pretty good we know someone who could,” says Vu Nguyen co-founder of 1Hour Break®.

According to the CDC, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men suffer from anxiety related issues each week. But not the 1Hour Break team. They’ve figured out the perfect combination of herbs to combat stress naturally. And perhaps being so relaxed has made the family-operated company super smart, too: instead of adding the stress of bringing on big-time investors to grow their business, they’re turning to their community—people who may have already tried the product or those interested in the benefits of a completely herbal-based stress relief formula. 1Hour Break® has launched an Indiegogo campaign that lets you invest with benefits including bottles of the original and the new formula (it will be enhanced with more flavors and even more effective herbal stress relief).

The reasonable Indiegogo goal of $20,000 will help 1Hour Break® to cover the cost of procuring the raw materials—namely the effective herbs in the 1Hour Break formula, including their Fair Trade Kava Kava from Vanuatu—as well as new bottling machinery, and the ability to scale up production to meet the growing consumer demand. “Together, we can make this world a more healthy and holistic place,” the Indiegogo pitch explains. “In return for your early support, you’ll be one of the first to get 1Hour Break® at an unheard of price, and support a community trying to redefine and improve the way the world handles stress and anxiety.”

There are deals for every budget–from a single bottle at $12 to the featured $45 deal that gets you four bottles of the new formulation. For a hefty donation of $3,500 (there are only 5 of these available) you get to join the founders at the Kava Festival in Hawaii in October. (Two nights hotel accommodations are included and so is “all the kava you can drink” at the festival.) Talk about stress relief!

To bring some more stress relief to the world, read more by clicking here.


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