Apartment Composting and What to Do With It

Composting might seem like it’s relegated to those lucky home owners with a back yard, but that’s just not true! While it might be a bit more common to start a back yard compost pile, there’s no reason apartment dwellers can’t get in on the composting action!

There are a few different options for kitchen composting, but the other part of small space composting is sorting out what to do with all of that good dirt. Don’t despair! We’ve got you covered there, too.

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building a worm bin

Depending on your space and how much time and energy you want to commit, there are a few great ways to compost those kitchen scraps! It’s also important to know what you can and can’t compost. Fruit and veggie scraps are great for the bin, as are coffee grounds and most tea bags. You can compost eggshells, but you don’t want to put meat or anything greasy into the bin, because it will go rancid, and I promise that you don’t want that smell in your kitchen!


Bokashi uses effective microorganisms to help break down compost scraps more quickly. Maintaining a bokashi bin is pretty simple: you just toss a scoop of the bokashi on top of the food when you add it, and let those tiny bugs do their thing. Bokashi bins also drain the liquid from the compost into a separate section at the bottom of the bin. This liquid is called “compost tea,” and it’s full of nutrients that are great for your house plants!


Worm bins have different needs than other compost bins, because you want to make an environment where the worms will thrive. In exchange, those little guys will turn your food scraps into nutritious compost! Here’s a video that shows you how to build your own worm compost bin:

Other kitchen bins

You don’t have to get fancy with your kitchen compost bin. You can skip the worms and the bokashi, if you like, and just pile those scraps into a no-frills kitchen bin. If you go this route, it’s important to balance the amount of brown and green matter in your bin.

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So, you’ve got your kitchen compost bin going, and now there’s all of this lovely dirt that you’re not sure what to do with. You can keep it for yourself, if you have a need for it, or you can spread the compost love! Here are a few ideas.

Keep It

Compost is perfect for nourishing indoor plants, whether we’re talking about house plants or a small container food garden. Use the compost to amend your soil, giving those plants the nutrients they need to thrive.

Give it Away

Do you have a friend that keeps a garden? I bet they’ll be happy to take that good dirt off of your hands. If you can’t find a friend to take it, try donating to your local community garden or a local farmer. In the very worst case, you can dump it out outside. It’s just dirt, after all. Just make sure to spread it around, so you’re not causing an eyesore by leaving a pile of dirt.

Have you guys done any small space composting? I’d love to hear about how you went about it and what you learned!

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