Are We Causing Earth Changes?

Natural disasters are not a message from God but a message from ourselves.

The spiritual answer is, “Of course we are, because Mother Nature is disturbed by our lack of love and respect for her.” The scientific answer is, “Of course we are, but only indirectly through decades of reckless pollution.” Everything depends on what level of consciousness dominates your awareness. All answers are tangled, yet in the untangling I believe that science will one day connect Earth changes and human awareness.

The great spiritual traditions have clearly mapped how a person regains the status of a creator. As power returns, everything changes in ways that cannot be guessed at in the state of alienation and separation.

How things get better as consciousness evolves:

  • You begin to feel again; numbness lifts.
  • You regain a sense of being benign. You belong here and are cherished.
  • Your desires turn from self-destructive to self-empowering.
  • Your thoughts have a benign effect on your environment.
  • Reality shifts in an evolutionary direction for everyone else.
  • The laws of creation re-emerge under the control of human awareness.
  • It becomes commonplace to live from the level of the soul.

All these changes occur by degree, steadily growing stronger as a person goes deeper inside.

Adapted from Peace is the Way by Deepak Chopra. (Three Rivers Press, 2005).


Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

loved this article. thank you

Dianne Lane
Dianne Lane5 years ago

People have been killing the earth since they set foot on her!

Jerry t.
Jerold t5 years ago

Us or not, the Earth will change. I agree, we should be working on our personal changes within.
Science is not the new high priest. We need to look a little deeper than the mere concoctions of our brains.
Here's a hint: We will go where our face is pointing. Mine points to a healthy Earth in respect for my grandchildren.
If our faces point to money, power and such, no need to rush, it will be ours forever.
Might be I'm meek, if so, I'll inherit the Earth. The mongers can have whatever is left.
The fear of self is the beginning of earnest meditation.

Ela V.
Ela V5 years ago


Varanasi Estate
Varanasi Estate5 years ago

Yes...We are causing changes to our earth. We are much aware about the pollution and its effects on environment and the whole ecosystem. Instead of making our environment cleaner we are blaming to each other. We need to contribute our part to reduce the factors causing changes to mother earth.

Julie van Niekerk

Mother Nature is kicking back at us and trying to tell us what we are doing wrong - do we listen to her?

Janine Kaczynski
janine K5 years ago

What's puzzling is that growing up in my generation, we watched Saturday AM Cartoons & the message was "don't pollute, love, promote peace, etc" and WHAT happened? Honestly, an entire generation grew up watching that. So, what happened? Most of my peers were nature conscious. So, who messed things up? BIG business. Who ran BIG business? The people who were greedy, keeping up with the Joneses. I still see a LOT of pristine nature. Most of the damage done is from BIG oil & lack of forethought & planning with Solar etc. & who needs "a house as big as a hotel"? Greedy folk.

"The great spiritual traditions have clearly mapped how a person regains the status of a creator. As power returns, everything changes in ways that cannot be guessed at in the state of alienation and separation."
I love this. I wait for this. I crave this.

Sandy Erickson
Sandy Erickson5 years ago

We have rocks that prove that the magnetic force of the Earth has changed several times from the north to the south. We know that these changes can effect...our health etc. Love is the most powerful; force on Earth...use it wisely. The LOVE of money IS the ROOT of all evil.

Randi Levin
Randi L5 years ago

Comment please!!!?????

Randi Levin
Randi L5 years ago

OF course we are. Human being may think that we are the most intelligent species-----yet wildlife doesn't destroy and it only kills for food/substinence---so evidently we are not the most intelligent species---but we are the most destructive species and we destroy in the name of greed only.

EX: too many trees are dying (and contributing to massive fires) as a result of Pine Beetle rot.
The temperature high up in the rockies must hit 20 below zero for 10-14 days straight to kill the beetles. Years ago that temperature was pretty reliant yet when Ski areas and neighboring towns decided to over build the size of building, while building new condos and home they neglected the impact on the environment and the fact that the more buildings built would cause friction while building and inhabiting and friction causes heat and heat rises---hence since the state of Colorado gave developers free reign to build and overbuild more and more heat entered the atomsphere causing warmer air and an infestation of Pine Beetles that have succeeded in eating away at and killing the majority of Confier trees (spruce, blue spruce, evergreens etc.) in these same areas.

Hence, YES ABSOLUTELY WE ARE CAUSING THESE CLIMATE CHANGES----although I shall add that our earth does rotate on it's axis every 26,000 years and we humans are simply speeding up the natural transition!