Are You A Succulent Wild Woman?

Are you fed up with feeling like you have to dim your light so you wonít make other women feel bad? Are you frustrated when something AWESOME happens in your life and you donít feel like you can shout it from the rooftops because you might trigger someone who is too insecure to hear your good news? Do you prefer hanging out with women who lift you up, collaborate, and blow pixie dust beneath your mighty wings, rather than those who compete, gossip, and drag you down?

If so, this post is for you because youíre a SUCCULENT WILD WOMAN, to borrow a killer phrase from my friend SARK (aka, Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy). Today is International Womanís Day, and I was honored to have an International Womanís Day award bestowed upon me (deep bow. Namaste, my sisters). So in honor of this powerful day, I wanted to honor the power within each and every one of you.

When Others Want To Dim Your Light

I was hiking with SARK this weekend, and we were marveling at the joy we both experience hanging out with Succulent Wild Women. When youíre with a Succulent Wild Woman, you can let your hair down, be unapologetically YOU, and join hands while you skyrocket to the stratosphere.

Several years back, I was working with a life coach, and I had just come back from an artistís retreat. My art career was really blossoming, I had 8 galleries representing me, and I had just gotten a book deal to write a book about painting with beeswax. Most of the artists at this retreat knew me and were aware of my artistic successes, and instead of celebrating with me, many of them were snide, sarcastic, and downright rude to me. I came home and sobbed.

When I told my life coach, she said, ďLissa, you just need to dial down your light when youíre around other people. You walk around with your dial on 100 percent, and itís too much for some people. Just think of your energy as a dial from 1 to 10. When youíre around other women, †just dial it down to a 3 or 4. And then everybody will find it easier to be around you.Ē

BULLSHIT. I decided I had outgrown my life coach.

I had finally ditched my masks and committed to being ALL LISSA, ALL THE TIME. I was sick and tired of being told to dial myself down.

So I ROCK this life and have many talents. So Iím gifted and feel called to share my gifts with the world. So Iím pretty and smart and sweet. So Iím an artist and a doctor and a public speaker and a blogger.

If someone canít deal with that, then thatís their problem. Not mine. Iím gonna shine my light, baby, and if that makes another woman feel insecure or she projects shit onto me or doesnít want to be my friend anymore, so be it.

Because this is me, damn it. Iím just being Lissa. And Iím done apologizing for who I am.

The Power of Woman

This is why I love hanging out with Succulent Wild Women. SARK was talking about the TV pilot she filmed in LA on Friday (wouldnít you LOVE to see SARK TV? Oh yeah, baby, sign me up). I was talking about the book deal I just turned down. We were noodling ways to collaborate so she could share my new Get Out Of Your Own Way e-course with her community and I could tell you all about the incredible things sheís doing.

And there was no jealousy or one-ups-manship or snide comments like the woman who met me and said, ďYou know thereís treatment for people like you.Ē We can celebrate our accomplishments, expose our weaknesses, share our challenges, inspire each other, and collaborate rather than compete.

How Do You Know If You’re A Succulent Wild Woman?

Itís not about fame or success, though that often comes with stepping into your power. Itís not about wealth, though Succulent Wild Women tend to be magnetic, and money has a way of flowing to us.

Succulent Wild Women own our feminine power, step into the fullness of who we are, practice being unapologetically authentic, get clear on what weíre here on this earth to do, and let our Inner Pilot Light sparkle! Succulent Wild Women donít need to cut another woman down to feel better about who they are. On the contrary, we know that thereís power in the Red Tent, so we lift other women up and inspire collaboration. Succulent Wild Women donít get stuck in fear-based thinking. We know thereís enough for all of us so we can be genuinely happy when good things happen to other people, even if someone else is experiencing something we wish to experience in our own lives.

Succulent Wild Women donít dial it down so they can make others feel good. Succulent Wild Women radiate so big that you can feel our energy in outer space. And we can manage our energy, so that if SARK and I want to take a hike on the busy San Francisco waterfront without being noticed, we can.

Succulent Wild Women are feministas. We know what we want and weíre not afraid to go after it. We love deeply and laugh hard. We cry often and donít feel the need to hide our tears from others. We let our freak flags fly. We get out of our own way and donít let limiting beliefs and false obstacles stand between us and our dreams.

I guarantee you that youíre a Succulent Wild Woman. You might not know it yet. You might not have stepped fully into that power. You might be letting fear and worry get between you and other Succulent Wild Women. But you are frigginí powerful. I promise.

Do you want to learn to harness your feminine power, hang with other Succulent Wild Women, boost your business, overcome fear, release limiting beliefs, and leap into your dreams?

Sign up for the free Get Out Of Your Own Way mini e-course, or dive right into the 16 Step Get Out Of Your Own Way program.

Because youíre frigginí powerful, girlfriend. And I want to see you shining that light, not dimming it down. Iíll be here, waiting to be your cheerleader, knowing that when Powerful Ass Women gather together, we can change the world. At least, thatís what the Dalai Lama says.

So let’s celebrate each other on this International Women’s Day!

Dial yourself up and tell us how you ROCK here in the comments. Show us your full glory. Brag your heart out. Lift up other women who do the same. Letís show the world we know how to be cheerleaders.

Iíll start.

Iím Lissa Rankin, and Iím a visionary committed to empowering women to own their femininity so they can heal, connect, and thrive. I write great books, I change lives when I coach, and I make a mean raw veggie lasagna. Iím uber loving and Iím good at creating sacred space so people can be real. Iím an awesome Mama, and Iíve got beautiful eyes and pretty feet. I created this gorgeous Owning Pink community where Succulent Wild Women connect, and Iím owning how much my website rocks. I won an International Womenís Day award because Iím a Succulent Wild Woman. I wrote a life-changing e-course. Iím getting my sexy back. And at 41 years old, I can still do a killer cartwheel.

What about you? Give me your full frontal Succulent Wild Woman shout outs, so all the Succulent Wild Women on this site can grab our pom poms and lift you up. Tell us whatís awesome about your life, share your websites with us so we know how to support you, and show us what a Succulent Wild Woman you are. (You, the one shaking her head because she doesnít feel powerful, youíre a Succulent Wild Woman. Let us see your gorgeous face.)

WHEEE!!! Let the Pink Party beginÖ


William D.
Dog Spirit E6 years ago

The female species is sacred. It brings life, a cool breeze, water when none can be found, strength from nowhere is born in the desert of emptyness.

Women are godesses, each in their own way. Each with a special gift to the world. Nature creates a balance with every system. Nothing lives in an absolute level in its entire life. There is a time for all things.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W6 years ago

No, I'm not.

K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Anonymous X.
Pirana X6 years ago

Hell yeah! Good for you. And I am unapologetically me. Look out, world!

heather g.
heather g6 years ago

I could never get right into the book "Women Who Run with the Wolves" but agree that we were all once "wild women" and have been "tamed" by patriarchy. What I don't understand is all these present day women who deliberately critisize us and want us to conform. We can't always blame men......

Charles Wallace
Charles Wallace6 years ago

Thank you, Nancy. If I'm seen with a smile on my face this weekend, you'll be a big part of the reason!

Nancy V.

AAAAHHHAHH are just the kind of man we women are looking for...confident in your own skin....just a little late for me tho'.......almost 82 and couldn't take good care of a man like you anymore!!!!!!

Helen C.
Helen C.6 years ago

Can't agree with you more on that one!

Charles Wallace
Charles Wallace6 years ago

At first I was kind of put off by this article, Lissa. It seemed so self-centered. But everything you say is true. You ARE gifted. You ARE a great writer. You DO have incredibly beautiful eyes. And I, for one, would never want you to tone down your light, if I were ever so lucky as to be around you. I love smart women like you. No woman should ever have to go through what Connie Kirkpatrick did, being beaten by her husband for being "too smart". So, I salute you, Lissa! And all the Succulent Wild Women out there! You make this world such an exciting place to be. Thank you!

Nawang Jinpa
Nawang Jinpa6 years ago

Mmm interesting,
but I don't like the idea of "Just be Lissa".
Lissa or anyone is not a monolithic phenomena, a solid thing,
it is a fluid, flowing phenomena that can adjust
and constantly adjusts to circumstances.
You put on sun glasses when the sun is too bright, and take an umbrella when it's raining. You change your cloths according to the weather, and you wake up when the sun rise and prepare to go to bed in the night.
Similarly, we have to adjust other's people sensitivity. I think this is very important.
My own experience of life is such.
Maybe you have been blown up by pride, and thought you can just do whatever you want.
You will not agree to that, because pride is very difficult to aknowledge.
TAke care of people around. Maybe they are just crazy, full of jealousy and anger and envy and hatred. Bu that's how they are.
Don't add fuel on fire.
They are like you, they need a smile.
They are like you, they need understanding.
Please make the world a better place, don't spoil it in the name of anything, such as the right to be your "self", a succelent wild woman, or whatever.
The thing is LOVE YOURSELF
Don't depend on what they say or think.
But respect their feelings, don't harm their feelings, don't aggress them.
You coach was not bad, your success had just blown your ego up, but I am happy to read that you decided to live without a coach.
Please make the world a better place

A wild but sensitive woman