Quiz: Are You Getting In Your Own Way?

Most of my coaching clients seek out my services because they have big dreams and theyíre struggling to achieve them. Or they have no clue what their big dreams are — and they want to connect with them.

But when I dig right down to the nitty gritty, what I almost always find is not that they canít dream big. Itís not that they arenít smart enough or powerful enough or creative enough or pretty enough or talented enough to achieve their goals. No.

What lies between my clients and their big dreams? Itís not money. Itís not their parents. Itís not their lack of education. Itís themselves.

They are getting in their own way.

And they come to me because Iím gifted at helping them get out of the way so they can stop buying into limiting beliefs, eliminate self-sabotage, and skyrocket to the stratosphere.

Does any of this sound familiar? Are you getting in your own way? If youíre not sure, take a gander at this little quiz.

Are You Getting In Your Own Way? A Quiz

When it comes to achieving your life goals:

1.†††† Do you procrastinate?
2.†††† Are you forgetful?
3.†††† Do you avoid making tough decisions?
4.†††† Do you keep conjuring negative outcomes instead of positive ones?
5.†††† Do you surround yourself with people who get in your way, instead of people who lift you up?
6.†††† Do you convince yourself you donít have the time?
7.†††† Do you lose patienceówith yourself and others?
8.†††† Do you make flimsy excuses?
9.†††† Do you suffer from overwhelm paralysis?
10.†† Do you convince yourself youíre going to fail?

If you answered yes to even one of the above, you are DEFINITELY getting in your own way, my love. By doing so, youíre draining your own rocket fuel when it comes to skyrocketing to the stratosphere. And we canít have that, darling, because youíre here on this planet to do big things and we want to see you FLY!

I know all about getting in my own way. I do it. ALL. THE. TIME. Now that Iíve figured out the 16 easy steps I do when Iím getting in my own way, the challenge isnít getting out of my own way. Itís recognizing when Iím in it.

Just yesterday, I had a breakthrough.

Iíve been getting tripped up over this one issue for months now, and I was blaming everybody else for something that was turning out to be much harder than it needed to be. Person A didnít do her job right. Person B was getting in the way. Blah blah blah.

Well, duh. It wasnít Person Aís fault. Or Person Bís.

It was me. AGAIN.

Once I realized I was getting in my own way, I could implement the 16 steps and BOOM. Problem solved. Getting out of my own way once I recognize how Iím sabotaging myself is quick, easy, and painless. Recognizing and admitting that Iím the one tripping myself up is the hardest part.

Are you guilty of that? Are you blaming others for something thatís not going right in your life? Do you think itís just bad luck? Or this crappy economy? Or someone elseís ineptitude?

Nope. I hate to break it to you honey, but I pretty much guarantee you that itís you. Not that you arenít awesome. But we all do this. We all let the Gremlins of fear trip us up. We all allow limiting beliefs to sabotage us. Itís natural, but itís SO not necessary.

So do yourself a favor. Sign up today for the FREE Get Out Of Your Own Way mini e-course. And if youíve already tried the freebie, buy the whole enchilada e-course program today, because today — May 2 — is the very last day to buy the program at the discounted beta-launch price before we launch it wide all over the internet at a higher price.

Sign Up For The Whole Enchilada Here.

You can do it, my love. I believe in you. 16 easy steps and youíll be soaring. I promise.

I canít wait to see you fly.

*†† *†† *†† *

Lissa Rankin, MD: Founder of OwningPink.com, Pink Medicine Woman coach, motivational speaker, and author of†Whatís Up Down There? Questions Youíd Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend and Encaustic Art: The Complete Guide To Creating Fine Art With Wax.

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