Are You Sick Of Being Stuck?

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius—and a lot of courage—to move in the opposite direction. – Albert Einstein

So, here we are… you and me. We’ve made our lives big, complex, and violent and I’m assuming we can agree that it’s not working. Aren’t you relieved that we both possess the touch of genius and courage necessary for us to move in the opposite direction?

Yes, we do.

Seriously, we do. Don’t argue with me. I know things!

For one, I know that we are far more amazing than we realize.

I know that our lives have become so big because we were finding our way to this moment, to this place at this exact time where the new way of being could reveal itself to us. I know that we’ve cultivated such complexity because we needed it to survive the past, and that the time has come for us to leave all of that behind.

I know that we are a product of those who contributed our DNA, plus every experience we’ve had up until this moment. I know that some of those experiences were hard, harder than we even know how to wrap our brains around… not to mention all that we’ve done and will continue to do to heal our hearts.

See? I know things.

I know that the most violent aspect of our lives is the way that we treat ourselves and that because we are violent with ourselves, we are violent with one another.

I know we are stuck, that the life force energy is restricted in a way that threatens our lives, at the very least our livelihood. The flow has been diminished to a mere trickle by the lifetime of history archived in our bodies, and in our collective body. This junk is clouding our minds, and consuming our physical spaces. It is as if the inner walls of the pipes that carry all good things to us are lined with sludge, allowing only what we need to survive to make its way into our lives.

We are simply surviving, barely enough energy to get through each day. Not enough to make the changes we long to make. Not enough to be the ones we know we were born to be. We feel it in our bodies, so heavy and stiff. Our minds are overwhelmed, attention is strained, and then there is the depression. Our hearts ache for things we dare not even wish for, as the money is not there and when it is, we fear a future without it.

Our space is closing in on us, the stuff is everywhere and we can’t bring ourselves to part with it because there’s too little time or attention or perhaps… it’s the fear again.

We’re afraid our feelings will be hurt when we long for this thing and it’s gone, or when the giver realizes we’ve parted with their gift. We’re afraid we will forget the joy of that day without the souvenir. We’re afraid without that thing to anchor where we’ve been or who we are… that we will cease to exist.

We are afraid that without our things, we will cease to exist.

We’re afraid we’ll need it. We know this thing is useful and that someday we may need it and that if we release it today, we’ll suffer from the lack of it… someday.

We’re afraid we’ll miss something in that book or magazine or paper or email or recording or whatever other physical and electronic clutter we’ve amassed that promises to help us turn this all around.

We want desperately to turn our lives around.

We want to be free, free to be the ones who have space enough to play and dream, to love and laugh, to heal and explore our own possibility and the possibilities of the lives around ours. We want to dream of living our own lives, instead of dreaming about running away to be who we believe the others to be.

We want to be free.

We can go about it a thousand ways. Of course, we already know that. It’s part of the stuckness. We are overwhelmed. If it’s weight we want to lose, we already know about the countless approaches that have worked for someone else, the experts, the programs, and ways to invest in them.

There’s so much information about everything. It is absolutely paralyzing. It doesn’t matter what change we want to make, there are many choices. Our brains do all of the talking, calculating, negotiating… so much that we’ve forgotten the sound of our own heartbeat. We’ve forgotten to listen to the truth of who we are, our heart song falls unnoticed upon our own preoccupied ears.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Remember, I know things and somewhere deep down inside… you know these things too.

All that you will ever be, you were on the day you were born. Nothing outside of you gives you value beyond what lives within you. Nothing out here in the world makes you who you are. There is no need to cling.

Release those things back to the universe, to the natural flow so others who need them today can have them, and those empty spaces will fill with the magic that lives inside of you. Give yourself the most sacred gift, the gift of space, the freedom to live what is within you… and all that you long for will flow to you. All that you need will be within your reach at the moment that you need it, now and always.

I trust you. I believe in you. I believe that you can be what you need every single day in the future without the weight of your just-in-case inventory.

I know that you are the courageous genius you need to be to move forward into the life of your dreams.

There is another way. A simpler way. It’s not my way, my program, my idea… it’s yours. Let me show you how the answers are within you. It won’t cost you a thing*, but it will give you everything… it will give you access to you, your answers, your intuition, your integrity.

I’ve been asking the universe for guidance about how I may be of service in this powerful time, not just to the people who are prepared to hire me as their life coach but everyone else within the sound of my Care2 blogger voice. I’m constantly reminded that it doesn’t matter what areas of our lives are stuck, it’s all just energy. To get the energy flowing in any of the gardens of our lives, we must get it flowing in just one. If you already have an idea about how to get unstuck, GO FOR IT! We celebrate with you…

But, if you don’t, if you’re just stuck and can’t find the way out of the stuckness, I want to invite you to join me for this sort of crazy idea called the Sick of Being Stuck September. We’re going to deal with our CLUTTER. That is the junk lining the walls of that energy pipe, and expanding the flow in our physical environment will open up the other gardens of our lives. I’m cultivating all sorts of supports and inspirations, something for every single day of the month, at absolutely no financial cost* to those who participate. (You will, of course, have to invest some time and energy on your end, if you want any results.)

I’ve never done anything like this and to be honest, I have no idea what’s going to come of all of it. Either way, one thing is clear: We have to do something… you and me, because we’re all we have to work with. If it’s time for your life to bloom… I hope you’ll call forward your inner courageous genius to join me for this life-changing adventure.

*The original Sick of Being Stuck September experience is now completed. To learn more about current offerings, please visit

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Dorothy A.
Dorothy A5 years ago

Sometimes we use stuff to ease the pain that feeling empty gives us. I wonder if the best way to fill the empty space might be to give away some part of ourself or our stuff. In the past I've given "cool" clothing to young people. The joy they get from feeling equal to their classmates is humbling. I should tell them that things don't make you better or happier, but they are happier and more confident when they fit in. So I'll keep giving things that they value because I value the smiles I get in return. I hope that having the same things will teach them that they were equal all along. It's not the cool sneakers that make you walk taller but the fact you're holding up your head.

Dorothy A.
Dorothy A5 years ago

It's true that all my stuff can slow me down and cause me stress. I suppose that many of my books could be past on to someone else. If I want to read them again I could borrow them back. But o'm not going to do that. My books and music stay, clutter or not. On the other hand I clean out my closet often and donate what I don't use. It's probably time to dig in to that, and maybe convince my mother to clean out the attic. Sometimes I think she leaving the cleaning out for after she gone. If keeping things is a learned behavior, then I learned from a master!

Sylvia Wulf
Sylvia Wulf5 years ago

Interesting; as I was reading this (found the link from the article about 'perfection sucks the life out of you') and as I went along I got an odd, but telling 'shock of recognition' The clutter in our lives has much the same effect on our ability to really live as the gunk that accumulates in our digestive system. De-cluttering and a good colon cleanse serve similar purposes, and for much the same reasons. All that junk/gunk is preventing us from absorbing/enjoying the good in our lives. A kind of weird sounding thought, but one I am going to hold on to for the foreseeable future, right along with the FlyLady quote that recently changed my outlook; "you can't organize clutter - you can only get rid of it".

Adam Green
Adam Green5 years ago

are you referring to sufferers of obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD). This article does give me some hope......thank you :)

ANA MARIJA R6 years ago

Thank you.:))

Faith B.
Faith Billingham6 years ago

great article, thanks for the info :)

Donna M.
Donna M6 years ago

Wow so so true . We should all apply the advice and change all for the better

Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

Santanita G.
Santanita G6 years ago

thank you

Carol B.
Carol Burk6 years ago

It helps to de-clutter if you donate those things to some "better" place than they had: trash goes to the trash bin, but useable things can be donated to a school or preschool, the local second-hand place (Veterans, Good Will, etc) or shelters (Homeless, Women's, etc) or even to church or school fairs to be used as prizes at a fundraising event. Instead of cluttering your home these things can be gifted elsewhere! And you will be happy about it.