Are You Willing to Do What It Takes to Get Out of Debt?

On the morning of New Yearís Eve, I got the news that my husband had passed away. He left me and my eleven-month old son with $3,000,000 of debt.

Hearing the news I collapsed on the floor. That moment my 11 month old baby stood up on his feet for the first time, and used his tiny fingers to wipe away my tears.

He lost his father, and I just lost my best friend. One day I may find a new one, but no one can ever replace his father. But he didnít think about himself, only about how to make his mother feel better. Learning from my sonís strength, I knew then that I had to stand strong for him and no matter what happens I knew that he is best thing that happened to me in my life.

I paid off my $3,000,000†debt in two years. People usually ask me how I paid off that much debt, and I always told them the story of the monkey and the peanuts:

When a farmer wants to catch a monkey, he hollows out a coconut and then fills that hollow space with peanuts. Eventually, a monkey comes along, wants the peanuts, and sticks its hand inside to get them. The hole in the coconut, however, isnít large enough for the monkey to pull its enclosed fist back out. The monkey only has to let go of the peanuts to be free, but it doesnít. The monkey becomes imprisoned by his desire for the peanuts, and the monkeyís inability to let go of the desire becomes its undoing.

How many times in our lives do we hold on to attachments that cause us to lose what we want most?

Finally, I was prepared to let go of†everything just to pay off all my debt, to be debt free, and focus on making money instead of debt. I sold all my assets, land, companies, and shares at whatever price I was offered. You can always sell anything at any time, as long as you are prepared to accept what the buyers can afford.

The strange thing is that when you try to hold on, you tend to lose, but while your mind is carefree and prepared to let go, you gain. Things turn out to be on your side.

The secret is to keep observing your mind. Whenever you are attached to something too much, like the monkey was to his peanuts, just see your mind as if it belongs to someone else.

The moment you observe, you see your thoughts, feelings, and even the feeling of attachment as separate from you. In that moment you are free. And when you are free from inside, you can be free outside too.

Financial freedom and happiness is your birthright.††Start observing your mind and exercise your right now.

Master DDnard is a renowned spiritual teacher and best-selling author of the Compass book series, including The Compass of Now.†For more great inspiration, visit†

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Panchali Yapa
Panchali Yapa3 years ago

Thank you

Janice Thompson
Janice Thompson3 years ago

Our desire to keep our "things" will does in every time. We need to do what the homeless do and only keep what we can carry.

Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe3 years ago

I need to have a yard sale, but I can not seem to let go of some things because of the sentiment behind them. I wonder if this concept holds true for something like that, also?? Maybe if I start calling everything 'peanuts', it will work. I'm going to try it.

william Miller
william Miller3 years ago


Jennifer H.
Jennifer H3 years ago

Interesting analogy. Thanks.

eser gulabi
eser g√ľlabi3 years ago

Perfect story!To let go..well this has to be learned somehow,some day, sooner or later...

Barb Hansen
Ba H3 years ago

3 million in two years? that means that someone was living beyond their means in the first place if they could liquidate that many possessions.

Genoveva M M.
Genoveva M M3 years ago


Briony Coote
Briony C3 years ago

I read a similar story to the monkey and the peanuts. Here it was a bear and an apple in the jar. The bear would not let go of the apple because he was stubborn and would never change his mind. The moral here was not to get so stuck in your ways that you won't change your mind, even if the situation warrants it.

Christine W.
Christine W3 years ago

Thanks for sharing.