Art From Hardware

I am a library geek. Fully, happily, admittedly so. I believe it takes living in a place that has sufficiently lacking infrastructure and tangentially lacking capital to support such a vast, interconnected, beautiful system as our US library, to fully appreciate what a wonder it is that anyone can walk into a huge room full of books on any and all subjects and walk out with as many as they want. Amazing. Truly. Stop and think about the resources and planning it takes to provide that service to millions of people. For free. It truly blows my mind.

So, in short, I adore the library. With my adoration comes a stock of anywhere from five to 15 library books on my shelves at any given time. Today, I purposed across some Joan Didion and some California history, but stumbled upon a gem of a book that is right up my alley: “Home from the Hardware Store” by Stephen Antonson and Kathleen Hackett.

The cover features bolts of different sizes, screwed and stacked together to make fabulous and gorgeous candlestick holders. Who would have thought? I certainly wouldn’t have, and I spend more time in hardware stores than most, along with possessing a good eye for design, but that isn’t enough to have come up with these totally original and inspired ideas.

But what (you must be wondering) is green or sustainable about this book? Well, nothing, at least on the surface. But there are several ideas in there that could easily be put together with odds and ends already lying around your house or garage, perhaps enhanced by a new purchase, but I would encourage you to shop at a pick and pull or a salvage yard first, and when you’ve exhausted those resources, go to a locally owned hardware store.

I highly recommend a purchase or borrow of this book. Even if you’re not going to make a darn thing in it, it’s a delightful look at someone’s incredible creativity, and it’s far more pretty than the Pottery Barn catalog that just came in the mail.

- Jocelyn Broyles

Headline image is a portion of the cover of the book © Lesley Unruh


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Everything is a piece of art if one knows about appreciation

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Thanks great idea , and great pic

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Love the pic!

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Cool...I love stuff like this!

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Noted with thanks.

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