Ask, And You Will Receive

All fulfillment comes from within. This may seem to be one of Jesus’s most extravagant promises. We have all asked and not received. To find out what Jesus actually meant, then, we have to answer a few questions: Who is asking? Where is the request going? Whom does it reach?

For most people, the asking comes from the ego, with its unending stream of desires. The request is going out into empty space or to a vaguely remembered God from childhood. The receiver of the request is unknown.

What this means is that asking and receiving are disconnected. Indeed, they must be, because in everyday awareness the world is separate from us and fragmented into millions of isolated events.

However, at a deeper level, everything is unified and whole. When you ask for anything, the One is asking the One, God is asking God. And there is always a response.

Learn to ask in a new way, by expecting every wish to bring a response. Take the attitude expressed by the Persian poet Rumi: “Ask all of yourself.” The mechanics of giving and receiving are inside you. Therefore, the next time you pray for something, or simply desire it, go through the following steps:

Express the desired outcome to yourself clearly. Detach yourself from your request after you make it. Take an undemanding attitude to the outcome. Be open to whatever response the universe gives back. Know that there is always a response.

In this case, “response” doesn’t mean a yes or no from God. There is no judge deciding whether you are worthy or not. Those perceptions were born of separation. Since you could not exist without being part of that intelligence, praying to god is circular, a feedback loop.

Adapted from The Third Jesus: The Christ We Cannot Ignore, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2008).


Kerstin S.
Kerstin Strobl5 years ago

I agree with Zee!

Zee K.
Helen Porter5 years ago

I ask and I receive. There's a flow of miracles through my life, running like a river carrying
happiness and manifestations and wonders and delights and even fixing my garbage disposal. lol

When I ask, I visualize with all five senses feeling the emotion that I would feel if I received my request right now! I give thanks and praise to Creator.

It also helps to live the way Creator wants me to live, trying to please him as he loves to please me. He knows the rules of life far better than I do; therefore, I'm always grateful in his guidance as to what to ask.

My rose bush still has thorns but sometimes those thorns carry the greatest blessing.

Sofhiii Valle
Sofhiii Valle5 years ago

Thanks :)

Robert O.
Robert O5 years ago


Miranda Parkinson

Jesus would have been pleased with this interpretation!

Jane H.
Jane H5 years ago

Every time I have asked The Great Spirit to grant me acceptance of a person, my request has been granted.

Uma Chernoff
Uma Chernoff5 years ago

That's just it Emefa so if you will do it just before sleep as well and you can also blow your prayers onto a fragrance (any you like) when you start your day this will make it even easier for spirit to manifest for you. Remember that the thickness of this dimension can slow things down and so if spirit knows exactly where an when it's like making a landing field in the jungle for them.

Dot A.
Dot A5 years ago

Our faith is not belittled here, @ Charles H., and I read this as a conjunction to our understanding, rather than a direct opposition of it. "He knows our needs before we do," is a reference to the issues Deepak is speaking of in terms not reserved for the pulpit. Spiritual instructions are beyond the limitations of the confines of a church's pulpit, and when we allow greater understand, we grow in spirit and love for one another, as we have been offered, (by Christ's teachings) that this as our greatest guide to living a loving life.

John B.
John B5 years ago

Interesting, thanks for sharing.

Emefa Dekonor
Emefa Dekonor5 years ago

I make my intentions for every day starting with guidance and protection for myself and my family then our health and for things like forgiveness, wisdom, peace as well as others such as a vehicle or business to pick up; I always include that my intention is for the goodness of all involved and to the highest power and thank you for I know that it will come to pass.