Attract Love in 21 Days

It’s that time of year when we review the last year and make resolutions for the upcoming one.

It’s no surprise that finding true love is on the top of the list of resolutions for many people. We want to be in love, but the big question is, “Just how do I make that happen?”

In January of 2007, after being divorced for 7 years, I made a conscious choice to find love. Being an impatient person, I wanted a great relationship – and I wanted it right in that moment, so I entered the world of Internet dating.

For me, I just looked at the principles that were successful for me in business, and applied them to finding love. Coming from a left-brained, linear-thinking real estate background, I simply applied logic to love…. and it worked, not only for me, but also for friends and clients who have tried the same thing.

I started with gratitude. Just the thought of being in love made all of my cells start dancing and my spirit say “YES!!!!!” It made me want to jump up and down, yell “WOOHOOOO” and celebrate the exhilaration that I’d feel when I found my love- in advance, just knowing that it was coming my way. And the cool thing is, when we do express gratitude and celebrate in advance, good things show up even faster.

Next I created a vision board, that had a lot of little things and 4 main items- a home in the mountains of Colorado, a black X-5 BMW, a handsome dark haired man and, figuring that if you’re going to dream, you might as well dream BIG… I included a photo of a Gulfstream airplane, because I love to fly.

Within a week, I found the home in Colorado, met the dark haired man, and – get this – he drove a black X-5 BMW (now my car) and he was the pilot of a Gulfstream airplane. Spooky? It gets even better. He lived only a mile away, moved in within 3 weeks and we were married on the anniversary of our first date. It’s been almost six years and we’ve never been happier.

I found the love of my life in 21 days online. I believe if it’s possible for me, it’s possible for you too. If you lift weights for 21 days, you’ll get stronger. If you eat only healthy foods for 21 days, you’ll become healthier. If you exercise each day for 21 days, you’ll become more fit. If you practice anything for a period of time, you’ll get better at it. It’s not luck, it’s logic.

To share this success, I created an on-line course called Attract Love in 21 Days, with easy steps that anyone can follow. For example, here are 5 steps you can take today to start the process:

1)    Be grateful for who and where you are in life. People are attracted to happy, grateful people and want to be around them.

2)    Create a vision of what you want, if you lived in a perfect world and could have anything you want in a partner. Write down your list and dream big.

3)    Make space in your life for your partner. This could mean cleaning out your closet or your garage, or setting two places at the dinner table.

4)    Pretend that success is already coming to you and go celebrate it now, in advance. That energy alone will make things happen faster.

5)    Let go of the negative emotions and self-doubts and know that you are pretty enough, thin enough, rich enough, and smart enough to attract the perfect partner for you. There is someone who will think you rock the world, just the way you are.

If you’re serious about finding your partner and you’re ready to make the commitment to do what it, then I’m here to help you make it happen.

I look forward to celebrating your success with you!

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Photo Credit: Gail Lynne Goodwin


W. C
W. C7 months ago


William C
William C7 months ago

Thank you.

Sarah M.
Sarah M5 years ago


Paul Girardin
Paul Girardin5 years ago

You get what you project!

Staying positive and loving attracts positive love!

It' not easy but it is achievable!

Colleen Prinssen
Colleen Prinssen5 years ago

so I should get rid of all my stuffed animals and dopey geeky toys that aren't even in boxes. and buy some sexy underwear and learn to like makeup and dancing and drinking cocktails.

Lauren Weinstock
Lauren Weinstock5 years ago

Sounds unbelievable but glad it worked for author.

Robert O.
Robert O5 years ago


rene davis
irene davis5 years ago


Chris C.
Chris C5 years ago

Really great suggestions...some of the same theories of the book The Secret. Thanking in advance is especially good as well as positive imaging. I keep a "gratitude rock" on the desk and pick it up daily and say "thanks for everything I have". I also have a sign on my computer that says "Money comes easily and frequently". I'm now retired and on a fixed budget but I "did good" on my financials and somehow I always seems to get the things I REALLY want.
Now...If you want to find love, just go to your local animal shelter and adopt a sweet cat and/or dog, and trust me, you'll find it and probably faster than in 21 days! ;-)

tiffany t.
tiffany t5 years ago

wow awesome story thanks