Awaken Your Vitality

The secret of this meditation is that all you have to do to feel its enlivening effects is read it to yourself. The words themselves will help to unlock and awaken your natural vitality, the life-force that often gets trapped inside us.

A powerful affirmation of life force, you may want to print this out to read and reread whenever you need a reminder of your own vitality:

Every being has the drive to survive and thrive. Every living cell composing all beings has the drive to thrive. Inborn in every being is the drive to reach to the sun. To drink the waters, to ride energy through time, to be alive! Feel the pulse of life. Feel it. Resilient, driven to prosper, to discover life, to express life, to be alive! This drive resides in all that is alive, powerful life force energy, resilient, vital. Life recreates itself, replenishes itself, heals itself. Innate to cellular life is the intelligence to self-regulate, to heal, to regenerate, to perpetuate life. Feel the vitality of life moving through you. Witness the presence of intelligence intrinsic to life. Mysterious. Miraculous.

Feel the blessing of being alive. Feel your own drive to thrive. Feel the healing powers that reside inside you. Your body is a self-cleansing, self-regenerating, life-perpetuating organism. Sometimes its energies move in subtle and steady ways, sometimes in dramatic and spontaneous ways. Appreciate the Mystery. Appreciate the blessing of being alive!. Remember times you have witnessed the miraculous regenerative power of life itself: from new life emerging every spring to the cells on torn skin knitting back together again. Life provides for life. Life gives life. Life protects life. Life sustains life. Life is sacred. Feel the life force pulsating through your body. Trust it.

Adapted from Meditations on Everything Under the Sun, by Margo Adair (New Society Publishers, 2001). Copyright (c) 2001 by Margo Adair. Reprinted by permission of New Society Publishers.
Adapted from Meditations on Everything Under the Sun, by Margo Adair (New Society Publishers, 2001).


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Lydia Price

Meditation is so self-focused. All the great gurus have approached totally opposite. It's an opening of a door to spiritual enlightenment and bigger, far greater things than yourself that brings tranquility.

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always ask and pray to god