Ayurvedic Morning Routine for a Fresh Start to Your Day

Ready for a clean and healthy start to your mornings? Practice this simple ayurvedic morning routine to begin your day on the right foot.

How do you do your mornings? Are you the “roll out of bed and get to work” type or the “slow riser who needs a cup of tea and a journal session” type? Well, no matter how you get out of bed, ayurveda offers several ideas for how best to do your mornings for a clean and healthy day.

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Ayurvedic Morning Routine

Here are five ayurvedic practices to boost your morning routine.

1. Wake before 6:00 am.

It’s best that all constitutions rise no later than 6:00am. Getting out of bed before sunrise helps to get your body in motion with the natural still of the pre-dawn vata energy. It’s a subtle energy that helps you wake easily rather than abruptly.

Once the sun rises, kapha energy helps get your muscles energized and ready to go for the day. You’ll already be awake, so it’s easier to move into the new day with the rise of kapha.

A good night’s sleep should make it fairly easy to get wake up this early.

2. Release your bowels and bladders.

It may be quite natural for you to immediately wake up and use the restroom. If not, it’s best to get in this routine. Ayurvedic morning routines are all about releasing and cleansing to make a fresh start to the day.

Most people will urinate first thing in the morning. It may take a couple hours for your bowel to eliminate, but as long as they release at some point in the morning you’ll be ready for a clear day. You can help initiate this process by drinking a glass of warm lemon water first thing upon rising. This helps to initiate the peristaltic activity of your intestines.

3. Cleanse your face and clear out your nose.

First, splash your face with cool water seven times. Cool water helps to relieve your body of heat trapped overnight as well as wash away any stress or grime that accumulated from the night or day before.

Similarly, you’ll want to clear your nostrils. Your nose accumulates dust and other particulates throughout the day and night, and you need to clean it regularly for healthy breathing. In ayurveda, the practice is called jala neti. It’s basically the same thing as using a neti pot. This helps not only clean your nose but your whole sinus cavity.

4. Clean your mouth.

Following your face and nose cleaning, you’ll want to clean your mouth. This is a two step process.

Start with a tongue scraping. You can purchase a plastic or metal tongue scraper to keep at your sink. Toxins easily build up in your mouth overnight as you sleep. The last thing you want is to move into a fresh day with a dirty tongue and mouth.

After you scrape your tongue, pull with either sesame or coconut oil for 15 to 20 minutes. These oils have antimicrobial properties that help keep your oral cavity healthy and also help to clean and strengthen your teeth.

5. Feed yourself.

Finally, you’ll want to nourish your body with healthy foods. You’ll want to eat only a light meal consisting mostly of fruit, vegetable juice, grains like muesli and some yogurt. It’s best to eat after 10:00 am, but if you do eat before 10:00 am keep it light.

If You Have Extra Time…

A few things that could be an extra boosts to your ayurveda morning routine include yoga, meditation and self-massage (with warm oil for 15-20 minutes). These three practices are also a part of a healthy morning routine, but not everyone has the luxury of time to complete all of these things every morning.

Success in changing or creating new routines is done by choosing one new habit at a time. Incorporate it each morning until it’s a routine, then choose something else to add if you wish. Don’t overburden yourself with tons of new things to try and do. You are setting yourself up for failure, and that’s far from what we want!

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