Bad Customer Service? 10 Ways to Be Heard

Have you ever had a bad customer service experience? Of course you have! Who hasnít these days? In todayís corporate environment profits are frequently the only motivation for most companies. Honoring promises made to customers, ensuring customer satisfaction, or even treating customers as human beings is rarely a factor in the consumer experience.

I recently signed on with Rogers, a communications company. I based my purchase decision on a promotion they offered only to find that the promotion had not been honored when I received the substantially higher bill a month later. So, I called the company and spoke to Bradley, a ďcustomer service manager,Ē who assaulted me with apathy after making me wait on hold and on the call for an hour and a half. ďI am not prepared to do anything for you to resolve the situationĒ he indicated over and over again.† I was appalled and disgusted that this corporate giant felt it was their right to promise the world, deliver so little, and charge me substantially more than I agreed to for the ďprivilegeĒ of being their customer.

At first I was outraged, and then I started thinking that perhaps itís time that we, the collective consumers, take a stand against horrible customer service by expecting nothing less than what the companies agreed to when we purchased from them. So begins my quest for a better customer service experience and to actually be treated like a human being not only while making a purchase, but also if the product or service fails to deliver on the promise.

So, Iím asking you to join me in my quest for better customer service, in a mission Iíll call Occupy Customer Service. Iím not suggesting that you engage in rage or other less-than-productive behaviors, but rather to stand up to companies and hold them accountable to their promises, their guarantees, and their claims about their products or services. If we all stop accepting poor treatment and lousy service, perhaps eventually companies will realize that we, the customers are their greatest asset.† Perhaps there will be a return to the wacky notion that happy customers beget more happy customers. Perhaps treating customers with respect, honesty, and dignity will even become a trend?† Perhaps weíll even return to the ideal of treating others as we wish to be treated? Outlandish!

So, how do we occupy customer service? Keep reading to learn 10 ways…

1. Post a petition for better customer service here on;

2. Call customer service lines or visit the company directly and donít back down when the company wonít deliver;

3. Stop supporting companies with which youíve had bad experiences;

4. Write to the corporate offices about your lousy customer experiences and letting them know what your expectations are for the future if they want you back;

5. Write letters to the local media about terrible customer service experiences;

6. Write to the Better Business Bureau and government departments dealing with fair business practices to let them know about failed products or false claims. Who knows, the company may even be breaking the law;

7. Tell everyone you can about your experience.† In this day of social media, thatís powerful stuff (be sure to check my Facebook page on this topic — Iím at;

8. Boycott the corporation and be sure to find out who their subsidiaries are and boycott them as well;

9. Call or write the president of the company. You probably wonít get a response but if enough people share their concerns, they may eventually take notice; and

10. Best of all, acknowledge great customer service through compliments, kindness, tips, or letters of appreciation. Sometimes dealing with customers can be a difficult job. Letís face it: sometimes customers get cranky too. By reinforcing positive behaviors, we encourage more of them in the dealings we have with others.

If you have more ideas on how to have your voice heard, please post them below.

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Emma S.
Emma S.11 months ago

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Cwningen Elahrairah

I will not support this , if you want good customer service we need to start making customers deserve it . Just because you pay for a product does not give you the right to act like a dick to the rest of the world , most people in shops are on minimum wage yet are STILL human , You need to learn to control your tantrums or maybe just don't leave the house? i am utterly sick of being bullied by crazy customers who demand things and tantrum so they don't have to pay

Melania Padilla
Melania Padilla5 years ago


Danny A.
Danny A.5 years ago

There's a better way to be heard, it's through raveorbash. It's coming this fall.
Please help me get some buzz created for RaveOrBash, a website I'm working on to be a platform for consumers to meaningfully share their experiences. It's coming this fall

For now I've created a facebook page for it to create awareness: ...please like us and let your friends know please.
I appreciate your help. Also let me know if you'd like to be contacted to be one of the few people to test the beta version.

if you have any feedback please forward inbox or comment on my wall. Thank you very much.


Danny A.
Danny A.6 years ago

This is not about signing petition or at least they are not enough to get businesses attention. The best way is to have an online community where we can share our experiences to warn and inform ourselves of the bad or great product or service we have encountered. This Fall will be launched to provide this platform.

I am currently developing a product that meaningfully rates different companies online. I am in the process of raising funds to continue development of the product tentatively scheduled to launch this fall. I have more details of what I am trying to achieve here , here and here . I would really appreciate it if you could spare a few minutes of your time to review my product, provide feedback and spread the word about my product to your network. Please do not hesitate to contact me with and questions or suggestions. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Charles Edwards
Charles Edwards6 years ago

Comment to rule # 10-Had to contact cable/phone & electric provider yesterday for my MIL. Opened with I know that I have reached the right person to help me because the few times we had a problem in the past, anyone at this # has ALWAYS been right on with a solution. Phone/cable-She used to have separate with different co. Finally was able to get her out from under that bundling everything to one co. one bill & save her an initial $50 per mo. Discounts are continually being offered that are usually good for 6 mo to a yr and I found out you could call back in as they expire & get on the next batch. The power co. she had (I've been doing business w/them since 1962 & am NOT going to change (until they billed her $1356 to even up her balanced billing. Found they had been charging her over 3 times the average price. Switched bringing her bill down by over half.Contract up for renewal; called in giving them history of account & reiterating that our experience had been such that we brought her on board & effectively server as an advertisement for them in our area, my MILs area & to anyone else that asked. Then went to contract up, time to renew. what can you do for me?Being nice not only got us a better deal, but they seem to remember me when I call back & make it that much easier.

Zuzana K.
Zuzana K6 years ago

Cheers for the great article. Agree perticularly with tip 10. I always do, and it makes interaction so much nicer. I always make sure to 'thank you for your time' and wish them 'a nice day' becuase it must be an exhausting job.

LM Sunshine
James Merit6 years ago

good ideas, thank you.

Bee Hive
Fiona Ogilvie6 years ago

They all sound very effective. Thank you.

Sheri P.
Sheri P6 years ago

yep, great tips...thanks!