Balance Your Health with Food

Most industrialized societies eat an acid-producing diet, and an overly-acidic system has been blamed for everything from depression, insomnia, and fatigue to cancer. Fortunately, simply making a few dietary changes can balance our acidity and help us toward more radiant good health.

Find out which foods to avoid, and which can help you to feel better, right here:

Eat FEWER of the following ACIDIFYING FOODS:

Meats, seafood
Eggs, strong cheeses, animal fats
Peanut oil, hardened oils (margarine)
Whole grains and refined grains: wheat, oats, millet
Grain products: bread, pasta, cereal flakes
Leguminous plants: peanuts, soybeans, white beans, broad beans
Sweets: white sugar, pastry, chocolate, candy, jellies and preserves
Oleaginous fruits: walnuts, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds
Commercially manufactured sweet drinks, especially sodas
Coffee, tea, cocoa, wine
Condiments: Mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup

Eat MORE of the following ALKALIZING FOODS

Green vegetables, raw or cooked: salad greens, green beans, cabbage and so on
Colored vegetables: beets, carrots (except tomatoes, which are acidifying)
Corn (kernels or cooked as polenta)
Milk (liquid or powdered form), large-curd cottage cheese, cream, butter
Almonds, Brazil nuts, Chestnuts
Dried fruits: figs, dates, raisins (excluding those that are acidic to the taste, like apricots, apples, pineapple)
Alkaline mineral waters
Almond milk
Black olives preserved in oil
Cold-pressed oils
Natural sugar

Adapted from The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health, by Christopher Vasey, M.D. (Inner Traditions, 2003). Copyright (c) 2003 by Christopher Vasey. Reprinted by permission of Inner Traditions.
Adapted from The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health, by Christopher Vasey, M.D. (Inner Traditions, 2003).


Paula Handlon
Paula Handlon9 years ago

I believe Lyn Woodrow is right about the blood type. I get some of my iron from pumpkin seeds low salt of course also from green foods

Natasha Rai
Past Member 9 years ago

r u want more amazing feat, difficult to believe if this is real.
just Check this out NOW!

Lyn Woodrow
Marilyn Woodrow9 years ago

very interesting but different blood types require different foods. I believe this is the real key to good health. Consider why some people can eat certain things and others can be made unwell by the same things. All because of their particular blood type. Think about it. Lyn. UK

Ljiljana Atanackovic

Exscept of good choice of food it is important how to prepare and store meale.Not to cook in the fryig-pan, not grill, better is cooking in biling water a few minutes.

Emanuele Raffi
Emanuele Raffi10 years ago

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Shivali Sharma
Sjola sansirani10 years ago

hi, my name is shila, and i have brown/red spots in my face, what can i eat(which fruit and vegetable, is something special, maybe almond????) please give me the answer as soon as possible. Thanks a lot! : )

Niso Leve
Niso L10 years ago

i would like to loose weidht, i have a big appetite? any suggestions- i recently joined a gym of which people tel me that if i don't wacth what i eat then it will still be a waste of time..... i hate my body as my hubby is very smaller than me...the thing is i was never born this big, i picked up weight when i became pregnent with my first child ( and only one) please advise...

Jennifer W.
Jennifer F10 years ago

I agree with moderation is key. I don't believe in organized one for all diets. Everyone is different. If your body is too acidic try reducing your stress, this is #1 cause of an acidic body.

dr minoo b.
Past Member 10 years ago

lycopene is a very good productIt is antioxidant,anticancerous.prevents premature aging,macular degeneration&mouth cancer as well.Isn't it a wondrful product?

Stefany A.
Stefany A10 years ago

Yo creo que todo se puede comer con moderación! lo importante es comer lo que te hace feliz!!