Baobab, a Super Fruit with a Mission

The world is full of superfoods — wheatgrass, moringa, spirulina, acai, goji, the list goes on and on. But, if there’s one superfood that hasn’t received the spotlight it deserves, it’s baobab.

Never heard of baobab? It’s an African superfruit that’s picking up popularity for both its sustainability and its economic benefits for rural African communities. With a serving containing 6 times more vitamin C than an orange, 4 times more potassium than a banana, double the calcium of milk and 50 percent of your daily fiber needs, baobab is a veritable super fruit. Two tablespoons of powder also contains 24 percent of your RDA of dietary fiber (12 times more than an apple), with the fibrous pulp acting as a prebiotic in your gut, encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria. It’s beneficial in building a stronger immune system, protecting skin from stress and premature aging, improving blood sugar balance and stabilizing insulin levels, assisting in weight management, improving regularity and reducing overall bodily inflammation.

Baobab’s flavor is typically described as a combination of pear, grapefruit, caramel and vanilla, which means it is super tasty in smoothies. By purchasing baobab from quality sources, you are in turn supporting a sustainable source of income for cooperatives in rural African communities who harvest the baobab fruit from the iconic trees in their own backyards.

Here are 3 great companies who are working for good to improve your health and the lives of their suppliers.

Aduna. If you haven’t heard of Aduna, they are making big waves overseas with their life-giving products and initiatives. On paper, they are simply purveyors of moringa and baobab superfood powders. However, based out of the UK, Aduna has created a business model that directly supports women farmer cooperatives in rural Africa. Also, 10 percent of Aduna’s profits go directly back into the Aduna Foundation, which supports small-scale African producers break through the red tape to popularize and earn a fair living for the superfoods growing in their backyard. Aduna sells baobab powders as well as baobab energy bars, made with wholesome, good-for-you ingredients like dates, cashews, mango, ginger, pineapple, raisins and almonds. Not only are these anti-oxidizing, anti-inflammatory, energy-pumping superfoods, but buying them through Aduna ensures that the women of these African cooperatives are getting the livelihood they deserve.

Kaibae. Organic, non-GMO certified, and part of 1 percent for the Planet, Kaibae is a great source for your baobab needs. While they only sell powder right now, they are working on producing baobab oil, which has tremendous skin benefits. Kaibae works directly with 4 different communities in Ghana to sustainably harvest baobab while providing economic growth opportunities in an otherwise scarce region. Their primary mission is to connect people with healthy products while improving the livelihood of those that supply them. Baobab for the world!

Bumbleroot. These guys pride themselves on sourcing the highest quality immune-boosting baobab from farmers who care about the planet. They sell baobab powder as well as baobab-based superfood hydration mixes — blueberry, lemongrass and pineapple mint. These mixes are comprised mostly of coconut water and baobab, meaning they make for a beautiful combination of hydrating electrolytes and free-radical busting antioxidants. This would make a great recovery powder to help your body recover after an intense workout. Also, a portion of the profits goes towards funding food, water and education projects in the communities that supply their ingredients.

Baobab not only will fill your body with anti-inflammatory nutrients, but purchasing smart can support a sustainable source of income for millions of homes in rural Africa. Give it a try — it’s baobab-ulous!

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Photo Credit: Aduna


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