Best Humane Mouse Traps

Eek! Mice! Before you find higher ground, grab a baseball bat, or set a toxic mouse trap, take a look at these humane mice trap ideas. Mice might be a bit scary, but they can easily be trapped, captured, and set free by using the following clever devices.

PETA Humane “Smart” Mousetrap

The PETA mousetrap is small, plastic, and entirely easy to use. Simply place the Smart Mousetrap inside of your home, await furry friends, and release them (no touching required!) once they have been caught. Reusable, reliable, and ready to catch any mouse that enters your home, this trap is a cinch. PETA will also include a Humane Control of Mice and Rats guide sheet when you purchase this trap.

Victor Tin Cat Mouse Trap

What better way to catch a mouse than with a cat? Well, a Tin Cat Mouse Trap, that is. Up to 30 mice can enter this trap at one time, and the best part is that an enclosed top means that you never have to see (or touch) any of them. As soon as a few mice scurry into this trap (you’ll hear them), all you have to do is bring the trap outside and release them. Reuse or throw-away this trap as you see fit. Victor also makes corner mice traps and multiple mice traps. What could be easier?

Havahart 1020 Two Door Cage Trap for Mice and Rats

A steel and wire cage loaded with two spring doors ensure a quick and safe mouse capture. Mice are trapped from either end of this cage, so there’s no chance of escape. Use this mousetrap inside or outside of your home (ideal for larger rodents as well) as needed. The Havahart trap can hold up to one pound — that’s quite a lot of tiny mice! When you’re ready to empty your trap, simply open up the mesh gate (no contact required).

Eaton Multiple Catch Mouse Trap

Place some cheese, peanut butter, or other bait inside of this trap, and wait for mice to enter. Within hours, any mouse within your home will be drawn to this trap. Quiet, safe, and made to capture multiple mice, you’ll love the way that this trap works.

Mice Cube Mouse Trap

Mice might be able to enter this trap, but they won’t be able to leave without your help. A one-way door allows a mouse to seek out any bait that you leave behind. Once a mouse is inside of the trap, the trap door must be opened in order to let the mouse out. To do this, simply bring the trap outside, tip the box upside down, and watch as mice run away. This cube may be small, but it is entirely effective!

A Note on Humane Mouse Traps

Trapping mice in lieu of killing them is a wonderfully humane thing to do. But, if you are going to use any of the traps listed above, make sure to follow these guidelines: 1. Do not leave traps in direct sunlight — it’s hot inside of those small boxes! 2. Check traps often — mice will die if you do not release them frequently. 3. Make a deal with your neighbor – if you plan to leave your home for awhile, make sure that someone looks after your traps on a daily basis.

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by Harriette Halepis, Networx


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Nick Kamm
Nick Kamm2 months ago

One of the main problems with humane traps is that if you don't notice you caught one but don't notice, the poor thing suffers worse. There's a new type that has an alarm to notify you. Kindtrap

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Olivia Dawson
Olivia Dawson4 years ago

Mice are used to running wild. Being contained in what is effectively a small cage can be very scary for them. Releasing mice successfully requires more thought and knowledge than just letting them out into a nearby field. Please consider weather your humane trap is humane for the rodents, or just sparing your feelings.

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Patsy Wojahn
Patsy Wojahn4 years ago

I accidentally found a perfect humane mousetrap and have caught a total of 7 in it so far.
I had a Pedigree dog food 17 lb size empty bag ( with just a few crumbs left in the bottom) that I had been too lazy to throw out sitting near a wicker chair in the dining room. The bag couldn't fall over and the mice could climb the chair. Anyway The top was open and they just kept winding up in there. Jumping or falling in , who knows?The inside of the bag is waxy and slippery so they can't climb out and too tall to jump out. The first time I heard a noise and had one in there. Since then I just keep checking it. I had two young ones at one time! And an added bonus is if you poke a few air holes near the top you can zip it back almost closed ( it has a ziplock top) put it in the car and take them to their field of dreams several miles away!( You only have to zip it when you get ready to drive them, they can't jump out )Come home replace bag and catch some more!

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Kathy Perez
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awesome ideas, we will likely look into these. Our indoor kitty helps a LOT, and our outdoor dog also eats mice (and opossums, squirrels, moles, shrews, snakes, lizards, grasshoppers, raccoon ect) In the winter we occasionally host a family of mice, and I do hate killing them.

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got cats & dogs so we dont have humane mouse traps, will try the humane ones next time