Best of 2011: 200 Ways to Reuse 10 Items


Time and again, some of our most popular posts at Care2 Healthy Living involve creative ways to reuse everyday household items. And we like that — in a lot of ways, these kinds of posts embody everything we’re about: reducing waste and consumption, saving money & being creative. From using yogurt to soothing sunburns to putting out fires with beer, click through for a peek at our most popular, helpful, surprising and fun ways to reuse everyday household items.


10.9 Awesome Uses for Junk Mail

Sample reuses: packing material, garden mulch, bookmark

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9. 14 Surprising Uses for Vodka

Sample uses: keeping cut flowers fresh, removing laundry stains, unsticking stickers

Honorable Mention:
10 Tips for Using Apple Cider Vinegar

8.8 Ways to Reuse Old T-Shirts

Sample projects: necklace, grocery bag, underwear

Honorable Mentions:
22 Uses for Lemon Peels
7 Ways to Reuse Old Sweaters

7. 11 Surprising Uses for Yogurt

Sample uses: easinglactose intolerance, soothing sunburns, making cheese

Honorable Mentions:

13 Ways To Use Cucumbers
20 Great Uses for Tea Tree Oil

6.47 Smart Uses for Salt

Sample uses: extending the life of cheese, attacking wine spills and blood stains, easing throat pain

Honorable Mentions:
7 Ways to Reuse Old Sweaters
15 Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds

5. 9 Surprising Uses for Beer

Sample uses: restoring hair bounce and body, putting out fires, polishing pots

Honorable Mentions:
10 Unusual Uses for Olive Oil
49 Uses for Tea

4.51 Fantastic Uses for Baking Soda

Sample uses: cleaning brushes and combs, freshening sponges, removing oil and grease stains

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15 New Uses for Your Hair Dryer
6 Healthy Uses for Coconut Oil

3. 23 Ingenious Uses for White Vinegar

Sample uses: perking up wilted vegetables, removing skunk odor, brightening up clothes

Honorable Mentions:
10 Ways to Use Gourds & Winter Squash
18 Ways to Reuse Plastic Bags

2.13 Wonderful Ways to Use Epsom Salts

Sample uses: exfoliating skin, adding volume to hair, removing hairspray

Honorable Mentions:
20 Ways to Use Old Pantyhose
7 Household Uses for Cayenne Pepper

1.15 Brilliant Uses for Toothpaste

Sample uses: removing scratches from DVDs, cleaning up fingernails, soothing burns

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15 Ways to Reuse Newspaper
6 Ways to Reuse Old Jeans


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