Beyond Fossil Fuels: Moving Planet Rally

Moving Planet, September 24, 2011, is a worldwide rally to join forces and demand policy and social-behavior change on climate issues. Sponsored by the Sierra Club, they encourage us to use Moving Planet as, “A day to put our demands for climate action into motion—marching, biking, skating—calling for the world to go beyond fossil fuels.”

Events take place all over the country with an agenda to, “Demand government action, especially in places where governments are stalling on climate action despite the overwhelming urgency of the science.”

Each Moving Planet demonstration in each locale will be different, with the theme determined by local issues and logistics: “We encourage organizers to adapt the idea for Moving Planet to what is most appropriate and strategic locally. Possible action ideas include mass bike rides or marches, bike or walk to school/work days, a march or bike ride from a problem (e.g. coal plant) to a solution (i.e. solar plant), a mass march or bike ride to encircle a government building/deliver a petition, non-violent direct action at fossil fuel targets, and a long multi-day march or bike ride to demonstrate commitment.”

There are several events in the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Francisco, San Jose and Redwood City. If you’re anywhere else in the US or the world, check out the Find an Event guide.

- Jocelyn Broyles

Headline image © Richard Masoner


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