Body-Positive Techniques for Loving Your Reflection

Body Positivity: have you heard of it? It means loving and accepting the way your body looks just the way it is. And learning to cultivate a body positive mentality might help you experience life more joyfully.

When your culture prizes narrowly-defined standards of beauty like thigh gaps, sculpted eyebrows and toned butts, it’s easy to feel crushed under the weight of trying to measure up. Of course true health and fitness represents a noble goal, but body positivity reminds us to tie our goals to what our bodies can DO, not how they look. And to celebrate our bodies right now, not after losing 5 pounds.

In an article at, body-positive activist and yoga teacher Jessamyn Stanley explains: “Body positivity encourages people to be OK with how they look and feel today. It shouldn’t encourage people to wish for or think about some undefined time in the future when their bodies will be different.”

Therein lies the beauty of body positivity: you can begin to cultivate a positive mentality right now, just as you are! Banish negative thoughts about your appearance and celebrate your unique and beautiful reflection by trying these exercises in front of a mirror. (You’ll send positive vibes out to your face and features, too.)

Grin At Your Reflection

Does your face tend to go slack when you approach a mirror? That can happen when you’re bracing yourself to face your flaws. Flash yourself a big, dynamic grin, and appreciate the way your unique face radiates happiness out into the world.

Stretch, Move and Dance

A body in motion is a body to celebrate! Try out your favorite yoga pose, dance move or any ordinary stretch. Notice how strong, flexible and capable your body is.

Speak a Body Positive Mantra

Try out one or two of these, from Greatist. And if it feels silly, just keep practicing!

“I am strong. I am beautiful. I am enough.”

“Every body is a bikini body.”

“I am beautiful today, right now.”

“I am my own superhero.”

“My body is an instrument, not an ornament.”

“I choose happiness and joy.”

“There is no wrong way to have a body.”

Make Playful, Silly Faces

Do you remember when Candace Payne took the internet by storm with a video of herself laughing while wearing a Chewbacca mask? Laughter makes you feel great in your own skin, and acting silly in front of the mirror reflects those good vibes back at you.

Gaze into a Mirror with a Loved One

When your spouse, children or parents look at you, they don’t see your perceived flaws. Instead, your family and friends see the beautiful person they know you to be. Look into a mirror together with someone you love, and practice seeing yourself through her eyes. You are beautiful, whole and loved!


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Whatever. I'm not really interested in what other people think about me,it's about what I think. I don't judge others,if they are happy ,that's all that matters.
I'm just not ready to give up yet.Im not obsessed,just trying to be the best I can.
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