Boy Born With Cat-Like Eyes

Lloyd Pye, who is the author of several extremely controversial books, including The Starchild Skull, (see more details on his books at his autobiographical page) has always been interested in eyes, as his own father was an optometrist. When he came across this very interesting video about a Chinese boy with blue eyes who sees like a cat, he shared it with me and I was immediately intrigued. I love a good mystery — especially one that offers possibilities that are a bit outside the box. And this one is way outside the box so enter at your own risk.

It is said that we all tend to look at a mystery from the perspective of our individual specialty and Lloyd would be just the right person to speculate as to whether or not this healthy child, with the very different blue cat-like eyes, might possess alien hybrid genes. Now why would Lloyd want to suggest this about this sweet little Chinese boy? The reason is that Lloyd has been researching a phenomena known as the Starchild Skull since early 1999. Lloyd and the Starchild Project have been joined at the hip as he has relentlessly been investigating a 900-year-old human-like skull (known as the “Starchild Skull”) virtually non stop. Throughout this time, many theories about the Starchild’s genetic heritage have been proposed. But in 2011, DNA test results solidly indicated that an alien origin just might be confirmable. The final step in Lloyd’s journey will be the complete genome recovery to verify that the partial — but very convincing — results obtained thus far are valid. Therefore if we have ever had alien hybrid beings on this planet this single discovery might turn out to be the proof. I did say enter at your own risk as we stretch our imaginations to the “max” here and pretend that we are part of a Hollywood science fiction or documentary film project.

There will always be those who try to debunk (and rightly so) strange phenomena such as the Starchild Skull and everything Lloyd Pye has written about or been involved with thus far. But why not cut him some slack and see what happens? I met him personally, after attending one of his talks, and found him to be sincere and meticulous in his research. Nothing is ever discovered if current belief systems aren’t stood on their heads and challenged from time to time!

Here is the video about a little Chinese boy with blue eyes who sees like a cat that is causing so much controversy about where the DNA that caused this to happen came from.

Here we have just met a young boy in China whose name is Nong Youhui. We can see that he has virtually baffled the doctors who have examined him because not only does he have blue eyes, which in China is very rare, but also has the vision similar to that of cats — he can virtually see in pitch black. All of us cat lovers have seen how cats’ eyes seem to glow in the dark, but the truth is their eyes aren’t actually glowing. They are reflecting light from special cells that act like mirrors, which are located back of the cat’s retina. There, we find a layer of cells called the tapetum lucidum. These cells are the mechanism that allow felines to see in really dim light, such as moonlight, by reflecting light back onto the retina. These little mirror-like cells intensify the ambient light available at the time, no matter how little is present. The reflection is what results in the “glow” we all find so fascinating, which can be either a greenish glow or a red reflection depending on which shade the eyes actually are.

All cats eyes are equipped with a special lens that reflects light

The feline tapetum lucidum can reflect 130 times more light than the human eye and because of the unique design of the cats eyes, they can use nearly 50 percent more ambient light than we can. The cat is then able to “see” in light that is 6 times dimmer than we humans can. However there must be some light available, even if minute, in order for the cats eye to reflect it. The people testing this young man have stated he can see with no light at all. If this is true this is amazing in itself! Now if nothing on earth today, including the cat, can do that just what type DNA he has would be very interesting to study as this child’s unusual physical trait could represent a profound mutation.

I have lived over the last 19 years with blue-eyed, white Oriental Shorthair Cats as well as Tonkinese and Siamese cats. I have written three books on cat care (the latest of which is entitled The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care, co-authored by Jean Hofve, DVM), so I am very familiar with feline anatomy. It is a fact that the blue-eyed varieties of these breeds will indeed reflect red, while any genetic variant such as aqua or greenish blue will glow back a greenish hue and even a chartreuse color. But the blue-eyed cats are so distinct in photos that one cannot mistake them, even when placed in groups, because when the picture is taken with a flash (even one with red eye reduction), we see that ominous red eye glow on the photo. Those red eyes pop right out at us in an otherworldly fashion. There must be some unique difference between the cells in the tapetum lucidum of a blue-eyed cat vs. their cousins who have other eye colors. I have even had odd-eyed white cats (one blue eye and one green eye) and only the blue eye reflects red whilst the green eye reflects the brilliant chartreuse of the infamous absynthe liquor!

It is said, and you will see a bit of this for yourselves on the video, that this young lad’s eyes glow in the dark and reflect a greenish glow. I have blue eyes with a hint of green and yet my eyes will get the red eye look in flash photos too, so why do his seem to emit a greenish glow? Medical experts have been studying Nong Youhui’s amazing eyesight since his dad first took him to the hospital in Dahua, southern China, because his Dad was so concerned over his bright blue eyes. It seems clear that there is much to learn here before one jumps to alien hybrid DNA conclusions.

Nong Youhui’s dad was quoted as saying: “They told me he would grow out of it and that his eyes would stop glowing and turn black like most Chinese people… but they never did.”

After a series of medical examinations and tests were conducted in utter darkness, they found that Youhui, who is an excellent student, could read accurately without any light and that he sees just as well as others do in daylight. The only other unusual thing they’ve learned thus far was that Youhui would squint and sometimes have blurred vision when the sun was very strong.

Now we have the question being asked in the ‘Ancient Alien’ community if it is possible that Nong Youhui could be a Hybrid or Starchild? This again just happens to be the subject of Lloyd Pye’s book and research. However there is another view about Starchildren or crystal children, as there are many new age thinkers who feel very strongly that we have a new generation of children that are extraordinarily talented and gifted. Some refer to them as the “indigo children.” The color indigo blue conjures up other spiritual connections and superstitions that are interesting to explore as well.

The color blue represents the throat chakra

I wonder if it is more than a coincidence with the color blue, or indigo as it has been known through the ages, to connect to one of the higher chakras also known as the throat chakra. A highly evolved person with a strong blue throat chakra is said to possess an ability to help that individual to analyze things and it also gives them great communication skills. The blue (or indigo) throat chakra is said to open up one’s higher abilities such as intuition, and other spiritual values. This then allows these gifted people to be able to perceive things from an outside perspective where one might realize that what we perceive is not all of the world, that much of it lies beyond our senses. Perhaps there is a greater depth to one’s own perception as to our place in the natural order of things, that just might emanate from the throat chakra.

The color blue has always been thought of as a powerful metaphysical color, and there are color therapies and gemstone therapies that utilize blue in all of its various shades and hues. The mysteries of the color blue abound in ancient and historical writings, especially those that surround the Virgin Mary, who for the most part was always painted wearing blue. I remember reading Tracy Chevalier’s 1997 novel entitled The Virgin Blue and being fascinated by the history she shared on the origin of a magical sacred blue color. Even Elvis loved blue and shared a story with me when I co-starred with him in the MGM film “Live a Little Love a Little” in 1968, that there was an eerie blue light looming over his home the night he was born. In Larry Geller’s wonderful book about Elvis entitled Leaves of Elvis’ Garden: The Song of His Soul, we meet an Elvis who performed energy healing with a blue light that he was able to summon when he needed to.

We also have the Nazar Boncugu pendants, or “evil eye protectors,” from Turkey which are vivid blue in color, representing the age-old Anatolian belief that it is actually the blue color of the stone used in these pendants that holds the real shielding power and absorbs the negative energy from an evil eye aimed at the person wearing the pendant. This faith in the color blue is not surprising since the people in many Mediterranean nations believe in the protective powers of the color blue. It is also why so many of the front doors of houses in these Mediterranean countries are painted blue — to ward off evil spirits.

The evil eye pendant is commonly hung or placed directly on something such as in front of a home or office. It is also seen hanging from the neck of a newborn child, or even on farm animals or machinery. Women adorn themselves with earrings, rings and bracelets, too. You will even find these pendants being inserted into the foundations of modern offices and come across them in Turkish web and Facebook pages.

All over the world come stories of the power of blue. And all over the world people are sharing stories about some pretty amazing children who at a very young age express concern about our planet, its animals and people and overall ecology as well as dream of world peace and the unification of body, mind and spirit. The question of the possibility that human beings are evolving as a species is often mixed with the question by new age thinkers as to whether or not extraterrestrial visitors are manipulating our DNA and these gentle, highly gifted “indigo children” are the result. Perhaps there will be much more to learn as we wait for further news of Youhui and what he might have to offer to the world, besides his beautiful blue cat like eyes.

Without scientific proof today, people will always speculate and/or argue about that which is different. The reactions from people are and will continue to be all over the board, from those who will chalk it all up to foolish superstition or to just hope that mysteries such as these will serve to enlighten us and open our minds and hearts. Pardon the pun but there are, and will always be, some things that just don’t meet the eye (blue or not) and until science can unravel these mysteries, all we can do is stand back and wait for DNA or other proof to validate or invalidate the wild alien DNA ideas. But in the meantime let’s wish this beautiful blue-eyed Chinese boy well, especially because being different clearly has two sides. One might do well to remember that there is an old adage in China about a famous Chinese coin that was said to have two sides. One side reads “despair” but then when we turn it over we see that its other side reads “opportunity.” We can each perhaps learn a valuable lesson from this coin flip and look at our own lives and the things that make us feel different from others, thereby exposing that what we have right now even if it feels like despair, is indeed truly a blessing, if we just turn our own life coin over.


Kamia T.
Kamia T2 years ago

Throughout eternity, we've treated anyone with a different physical structure as strange, alien and/or weird. So sad. His eyes are beautiful, and who knows why exactly they are this way. More importantly, what difference does it make?

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

very intriguing. I love it. The article was weird though

Tania S.
Tania S5 years ago

WOW, that has to be a mutation...I never thought blue eyes were possible unless you were Caucasian, this is absolutely fascinating. :O

Jerry t.
Jerold t5 years ago

Ra is right, he's human because he took human birth, presumably.
Studying him will yield nothing useful. Just medical curiosity.
I know of a few people who have serious anomalies, they would never expose themselves to research, they're human presumably.
Mutation doesn't cut it. There would have to be a potential gene for this to manifest. But we really don't know how many of these children have been born and hidden. Maybe they live in caves?
I wouldn't worry about him being bullied, no one would bully someone who could see in the dark.

Ruth P.
Ruth P6 years ago

Wish I could send you another star, Ra :)

This article is horrid.

Victor M.
Victor M6 years ago


Ra Sc
Ra Sc6 years ago

It used to be common to treat people with unusual genetic mutations or environmental issues as monsters and freaks. Then, I suppose as a small step up, to treat them sometimes as sources of entertainment - circus sideshow amusements. This little boy is a person. He may have been born with a very unusual trait, but first and foremost, he's a person. And he should be treated with respect and the same treatment others get. Unusual traits of various sorts always pop up now and then, but we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that being different doesn't mean you aren't human. Trying to cast him out of his right to even be considered human seems quite cruel to me.

Stefanie Roszkowski


Emily Drew
Emily Drew6 years ago

So cool! Thank you very interesting

Rosemary Graf
Rosemary Graf6 years ago

I wish that this child was in the USA so we could learn from him. After, living in China I realize that the Chinese people will spend too much time in believing that he is a star child and lose so much in not studying him.