BPA-Free Bottled Water Delivery? Ask Annie

Dear Annie,
A bunch of us at the office are talking about the fact that the #7 water bottle in the office water cooler isn’t the best option to avoid BPA and pthalates. Alhambra and Arrowhead both use #7 bottles (and clean and reuse, which makes them even worse for us!). We don’t have a sink in the office, so we can’t run filtered water through a faucet. Do you have any ideas on how we can get non-cancer causing water delivered to our office? –Jen C, CA

Dear Jen,
This is a question close to my heart. I had water delivered when I was pregnant, with such a good intention of drinking pure water at that time, and wouldn’t you know it, the water was in polycarbonate bottles that I have since I have learned leach hormone disrupting chemicals! I’ll be forever sad about it.

I am not very hopeful that you’ll find a source for delivering water bottled in glass, but go for it! Try! Call around the competitive companies and urge them to switch to glass. Just hearing the request will put the idea in their minds!

My recommendation will require getting water from the bathroom sink, but it will be worth it. I looked high and low for a plastic-free water filter and they aren’t yet out there yet, except for this one, a Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filter that I bought for myself and it is big enough to handle water for an office if it is refilled frequently. It stands on a counter and requires no electricity.

The only thing missing is the “hot water” aspect to many office water dispensers. I’d take the recommendation of our blogger Green Girl and use this stainless steel electric water heater.


Chrissie R
Chrissie R17 days ago

Thank you for posting.

Fred J
Fred Jabout a year ago

Unfortunately, neither the link (to a stainless steel gravity water filter) provided by Annie, nor the link provided by commenter James W. works.

LM Sunshine
James Merit6 years ago

thank you for sharing!

Chris R.
Chris R6 years ago


Chris R.
Chris R6 years ago


Carl Nielsen
Carl Nielsen6 years ago

Tap water IS checked for potability - It has to live up to much higher standards than bottled water.

Sonny Honrado
Sonny Honrado6 years ago

We should have out tap water checked for potability.

James W.
James Woodward7 years ago

The health problems associated with ingesting plastic has been swept under the carpet for years by the FDA. BPA's, phtalates, hormone disruptors, endocrine disruptors, xenoestrogens - they all come from leaching plastic. Which plastic is safe? NONE!

We advise everyone to avoid storing food or drink in plastic (throw out the plastic in your cupboards and refridgerator NOW). If you find a product that is sold in glass, choose that brand over plastic.

We offer alternatives to plastic: Delivered In Glass.

If you live in the greater phoenix area, we deliver water in glass bottles.

The bottom line is simple - Plastic is poison!


Kevin Larson
Kevin Larson7 years ago

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beverly g.
beverly g.7 years ago

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