Breast Cancer: You Are the Mystery of Healing

Breast cancer, once a topic of dread, has become an inspiring success story and keeps moving upward. Not only are recovery rates high and restorative surgery commonplace, but our awareness about cancer is widening. On the medical front, the arrival of precise treatments puts more power in the hands of women. By challenging your doctor and reading up on the latest choices of treatment, every breast cancer patient can escape the role of helpless victim that plagued our mothers’ and grandmothers’ generation. In terms of sheer survival, we’ve crossed the divide and will never go back.

But I am more inspired by the ascent of personal healing. Mainstream medicine scoffed at the inner healer–and still does–to cover its own ignorance. When I went to medical school 40 years ago, “healer” was a dirty word because nobody really knew what the body’s healing system was capable of. Now we are getting a glimpse, and the powers of self-healing appear to be immense. Yet until we know more, the role of healer falls upon each woman. You are the mystery of healing and also the solver of that mystery. In place of fear, you can acquire so much from the experience of cancer: Courage, hope, self-awareness, power, and love for your body.

Everyone who has participated in this month-long series for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month to heal the whole woman should congratulate herself: The pioneering age of self-healing will soon turn into a golden age.

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My intent is to overcome Breast Cancer

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By Deepak Chopra, M.D., from Intent


Vural K.
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Ron A.
Ron A9 years ago

My wife is a 6 year breast cancer survivor who chose to educate herself about the causes and possible treatments for it. She never had chemotherapy or radiation treatments, and took the pill that starts with an "A" for a few months. She never took Tamoxifen or consulted seriously with an oncologist. Instead, she read and learned what she could do to treat herself. Major diet changes were the main focus, we don't touch anything from a cow or pig or lamb, but we do eat an occasional egg and seafood, and do take some vitamin and mineral supplements.

Lesley Cain
Lesley Cain9 years ago

I have survived breast cancer, my spiritual healing got me through, thanks to Deepak chopra, and such like whom always reminded me of the path and light x