How Monsanto Bought the Election


How many millions of dollars does it take to buy an election? In the case of Monsanto, DuPont, Pepsi †and other giants in agri-business, it takes about $45 million.

That’s how much these giants of the food industry spent to successfully defeat California Proposition 37, which would have required a label on†genetically-modified foods (GMOs). In the end, the corporate-backed “No” campaign won out 53.1% to the grassroots “Yes” campaign’s 46.9%. And that’s a stark contrast from just a few months ago, when polls showed that California voters approved of the measure 3-to-1.

California would have been the first state in the United States to require such labeling, joining the European Union and several other nations across the globe in giving consumers the right to know if their foods are science experiments. In a country where 70-80% of foods are genetically modified in some way, and where the science on whether GMOs are safe or not isn’t 100% clear, California would have become †a trailblazer in the food movement.

Before Mosanto et al.’s millions came around , polls showed that California voters approved of the measure 3-to-1. Then the †”No” campaign poured its money into television advertisements, like the one you’ll see on the next page.

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Deceptive advertising is nothing new in political campaigns, sure. But let’s point out some of the problems: the farmer in this video would not have been affected at all by the proposition — the labeling burden was placed on retailers. The scientist in this video, Henry I. Miller, is a fellow at the right-wing thinktank Hoover Institute, which is located on Stanford’s campus. Before the ad was pulled at the request of lawyers, Miller was given the credential of, “Stanford University, founding dir. FDA Office of Technology.”

Another issue? Monsanto’s campaign claimed that the food labels would cause the price of groceries to soar — perhaps the biggest clincher in changing the minds of voters. The problem, though? Well, we have plenty of case studies, to compare it to. The European Union’s food prices never went up as a result. Independent research, not funded by the deep pockets of Monsanto, saw no projected increase. The study they cited was not even performed by economists, but big-industry consultants.

The only donations to the “No on 37′ campaigns came from corporations. And, in the end, the corporate interests, not the interests of the people, won out in California. The “Yes on 37″ campaign was outspent 5-to-1.††But there’s always next time — efforts are underway to put a similar measure on the ballot in Washington state.

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kristel m.
Kristel Tingzon5 years ago

thank you for the article! i have a petition against Monsanto, please support by signing!

Aside from the fact that 91% of the population oppose genetically modified foods and all that the corporation Monsanto represents, The EU Bank is still to give Monsanto $40,000,000 of E.U. funds. This is a criminal act against the people! This Financial support would be better used on organic farming! We need to support small farms that will replenish the soil and use seeds that are not genetically modified . The future of our planet depends upon it! Monsanto does not need financial aid, it is a profit-making enterprise! Monsanto spent $7,100,500 defeating California's Prop 37, ONLY TO BE GRANTED PUBLIC FUNDS OF 40MILLION DOLLARS? "Monsanto would fail if it wasn't for government-sanctioned secrecy and 'too big to fail' bailouts!!! Now is the time to be angry! please sign and share the petition.

petition link:

aj E.
aj E5 years ago


Klaus Peters
Klaus Peters5 years ago

Sorry, I got bummed out again without showing my complete comment, why do I waste my time. Sorry, CA. I tried, there was more.

Klaus Peters
Klaus Peters5 years ago

Monsanto will try to engineer anything they like, elections, politicions, banks etc.all for huge profits and some small expenses: bribes and corruption, and more.
But the people will decide Monsanto's future and boycot them as I do. I have not bought a corn product for several years, US GMO's or otherwise. I would kill for a carton of popcorn during a movie, but I resist by not going to the movies at all and wait for the movie on my TV. Sure, no mega screen, but I have healthy snacks while watching comfortably in a recliner, I am getting used to that. Red lip Kellogs has also been dumped by us, and until they are honest to reveal the origin of their product I will forever boycot and condemn that product. As for CA. they not defeat the resolution (surely Monsanto the manipulator and its hangsmen had a big word in that). I was so disappointed. CA. was a respected pioneer to force the world to rewrite pollution laws in the automotive industrie. Look at our lean burn cars now, it was not without the help of CA. and their strict pollution laws.You set responsible targets to help CA. and also the USA and the rest of the world. But unfortunately in this instance, I am very disappointed in CA.
Yes, it was more money for a few. For starters, the oil industrie hates you, they are sucking on very thin straws, CA. was a hope for the world, emission pollution standards, objecting to tar sands and now again GMO. Come on CA. be an example to the US and the world again. If you cannot do i

Mary L.
Mary L5 years ago

If Monsanto et. al, bought the election, why isn't Rmoney president?

Cristina P.
Cristina P5 years ago

the video is down, please update the link

Mitchell D.
Mitchell D5 years ago

So, again, does the FDA go after Monsanto for its improprieties??

Sue Matheson
Sue Matheson5 years ago


Theodore S.
Theodore Shayne5 years ago

You can bet on one thing: Bill Gates and the rest of their ilk don't eat anything that is GMO.
I don't watch TV. I was aware of the amount of misinformation that was paid for by Monsanto et al. They count on people blindly accepting their crap. Frank Zappa was correct when he wrote the following:
I am gross and perverted; I'm obsessed 'n deranged. I have existed for years
but very little had changed. I am the tool of the government and industry too.
For I am destined to rule and regulate you.
I may be vile and pernicious but you can't look away.
I make you think I'm delicious with the stuff that I say.
I am the best you can get. Have you guessed me yet?
I am the slime oozin' out from your TV set.

Arthur Mensor
Arthur Mensor5 years ago

When it comes to big corporations and making a buck they will do anything to try to further dumb down Americans.

Don't we care what we are putting in to our bodies anymore? I guess some of us don't.