Canada Approves Genetically-Modified Salmon

While Canadians were preoccupied with Senate scandals and Rob Ford’s latest debacle, Environment Canada quietly approved genetically-modified (GM) salmon eggs and salmon for farming off the country’s coast.

Critics worry that insufficient testing has been done on the “frankenfish” that may escape fish farms and endanger wild Atlantic salmon worldwide.

The decision announced by Environment Canada on Monday leaves many people wondering whether Environment Canada—Canada’s primary governmental department charged with working to preserve and protect the natural environment—is performing its duties to Canadians.  The government agency claims in the country’s national newspaper that the salmon eggs are not harmful to the environment or human health when they are produced and grown in contained facilities.  Yet Environment Canada’s mandate does not include validating the health and safety of potential foods so it is questionable whether any testing on human health has actually occurred.

Environment Canada’s decision came on the heels of American corporation’s Aquabounty Technologies application to sell the genetically-modified salmon in the country.  To develop the GM salmon, Aquabounty mixed chinook salmon eggs with an eel-type fish called “ocean pout” that reportedly makes the fish grow twice as quickly as wild salmon.

News sources indicate that Health Canada has yet to approve the GM salmon.  The company also awaits approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration before the salmon eggs and salmon will be sold.

While Environment Canada attempts to assure the public of the alleged safety of GM salmon eggs and salmon, breaches of fish farming containers can and do occur, making it possible that the GM eggs and wild salmon could mix with uncertain environmental or health consequences.  With the addition of altered genes known as “trans genes” found in the fish eggs and without long-term environmental tests there is no way to know what would happen to wild salmon should the varieties mix.

In the newspaper article, Aquabounty’s Chief Executive Officer Ron Stotish said:  ”At the moment, everything is still as it was. It’s only the status of the facility moving from research and development to essentially a facility that could be used for commercial purposes,” which appears to suggest that the GM salmon eggs have already been grown off Canada’s east coast as part of its “research and development.”

Experts at the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network are cited as being alarmed at Environment Canada’s decision which purportedly was made without public consultation and could set a precedent for the GM fish to be sold as food.  A quick search on Environment Canada’s own website fails to present such critical information to the public.

If you’re alarmed by Environment Canada’s recent decision, voice your opinion to Canada’s Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq at

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Carrie-Anne Brown
Carrie-Anne B3 years ago

thanks for sharing

Bobi E.
Past Member 3 years ago

Environment Canada needs a good spanking for letting this through...what in God's name were they thinking...can it be soon...make it right!

Julianna D.
Juliana D4 years ago

Anyone remember jurassic park?

Interstellar Daydreamer
Sky P4 years ago

okay, NO.

Mauvette Joesephine
Catherine F4 years ago

I agree with Karen C.
This would be acceptable and OK.
But they just need to label the food, consult the public, stop cross contamination, be ethical and do accurate, reliable tests to prove that the product is safe.
They must have websites on the labels for lots of easy info (can't all be fitted on the label) especially so people can learn about these things.

Anne F.
Anne F4 years ago

We should not be putting such created organisms into the oceans

Amina Selmanovic
Amina S4 years ago

nice move canada

Joseph E Fasciani

When I learned of it I did some basic research; a month afterwards I wrote a brief article titled "The End of Japan as We Knew It" [], because a crucial fact not mentioned by the major media: the area destroyed by radiation formerly was the agricultural heart of Japan, and grew more than 25% of all Japan's foods. Now imagine the situation if the USofA or Canada lost the same amount?

We are now living through a world-wide Great Depression, though the MSM plays it down, alongside the complete disaster at Fukushima, which should be getting the entire world's best engineers and resources on it to minimise it. Instead governments create more wars and other distractions rather than deal with it responsibly: nuclear power was their idea, NOT ours.

Only very recently has the true history of the USofA in the last Great Depression come to light, where it is now admitted that SIX MILLION people starved to death. While Japan can buy food for its people now, this may not be possible for much longer. What if drought or severe cold caused crop failures? Then who gets to eat, and who to starve? And who decides?

Joseph E Fasciani

Many thanks for all the informed comments and sincere truths; I sent you a Green Star!

Although GMO salmon may be technically sterile at the present, let me assure you that Nature will find a way to evolve change in that as well. Recall that Darwin observed that Nature steadily adapted to and expanded to fill all niches, even created new species if need be, and this process will not cease. Not all scientists are pro-corporations, but as a corporation may write their pay-cheques, they may be silent or not object much.

Here in Canada under proto-fascist Stevie Harper and his Harpettes, when senior scientists in government branches went against his regime's preferences, that person was fired or removed to another branch, although they were only doing their job. We have two however, who are not afraid of him, and they're spending their savings to fight and expose this injustice, much to his embarrassment. There are similar people in the USofA as well, although the major media ignores them, but you can learn about them on the Internet.

The truth may be submerged at first, but it will eventually come out, although it may be so late that great harm was done by its suppression. This is what happened at Fukushima, and the world is now slowly being poisoned by its suppression.

When I learned of it I did some basic research; a month afterwards I wrote a brief article titled "The End of Japan as We Knew It" [

Judy T.
Judy T4 years ago

Time to boycott the frankensalmon! Hopefully people won't buy it and they'll realize that the consumer has the last word.