Cat Stuck In Tree For 5 Days Rescued Thanks to Social Media

In Pearl Misssissippi, cat cries could be heard throughout a neighborhood last week. Binx, a black kitty, had found himself in a pickle up a 50-foot Sweet Gum tree.

After unsuccessfully trying to lure Binx back down the tree, Binx’s owner, Ronald Filmore, seemed to believe his cat would figure out how to get out of this pickle on his own. However, Binx mewed and mewed and only climbed higher each day.

Fortunately, a caring neighbor, Summer Slovak, who heard Binx’s daily cries, had enough. She thought a call to the local fire department would solve the problem, but when she phoned, the dispatcher surprised her by saying ”they couldn’t get him for insurance purposes.”  She then reached out to animal control, and their response was equally unhelpful – ”he would come down on his own,” they said.

Slovak was exasperated and now also deeply worried about Binx as freezing temperatures were expected that evening. ”He comes over here and plays with my kids all the time. He’s super sweet,” Slovak told MS Now News, a local news channel. “So when I saw him up there I felt really bad for him.”

She could not bear to think of him cold and hungry in that Sweet Gum tree for another night and so the 31-year old mom and animal lover turned to social media for help. An animal activist saw her post and reached out to a tree trimming service owned by Jerry Griffin. Jerry Griffin was decently experienced at rescuing cats as he had already liberated six felines stuck in trees in the area. He said he would be happy to help.

However, when Jerry arrived to the scene of the distraught cat, a narrow space prevented him from being able to maneuver his truck and ladder in the right location for a safe rescue. So Jerry reached out to his colleague, Buddy Greenlee. Buddy had the gear to climb the 50 foot tree — and climb that big tree he did.

Binx was one scaredy cat as Buddy got closer and the limbs swayed with the climber’s weight. But Binx had nowhere to go at that point being already at the very top of the Sweet Gum tree. With great apprehension to all of those on the ground watching, Buddy finally grabbed Binx. ”I put him in my coat, and he ran up my coat sleeve,” said Buddy.  ”Just thank God the tree held up, and it didn’t break.”

Buddy had the traumatized cat back in the ground in fewer than ten minutes – to the cheers of everyone. Binx was his fifth cat rescue in his 30-year career. He said he is always happy to help when all other options have been exhausted as he knows he is often a tree-bound cat’s last hope.

It was a happy ending for everyone – and hopefully Binx has retired from tree climbing.

Next page: video of Binx’s Dramatic Rescue and a video of a mother cat demonstrating to her tree-bound kitten how to climb back down to solid ground.

Many house cats get stuck in trees, because they have great anatomy for climbing up, but poor anatomy for climbing down. House cats can only climb back down feet first. In the second video below, a mother cat demonstrates to her kitten the way to successfully shimmy down a tree trunk.

Click here for video of Binx’s Dramatic Rescue



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Shame on the Fire Department and Animal Control for not helping.

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Some critters never learn.

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Sydney M
Sydney M3 years ago

If only Superman had been around that poor little kitty would have been rescued a lot sooner. I'm surprised that animal control wouldn't send someone out, but thankfully Jerry and Buddy did. Both are "Super Men."

Please help me find justice for a helpless, murdered puppy. Thank You ...

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