Celebrate Crafty Reuse in April

With Earth Day coming up in just a few weeks, crafters all over the world are looking to keep their projects eco-friendly, and they’re sharing tips, tutorials, and even supplies! Here are a couple of events that are helping crafters keep it green this month.

April Stash Bust

The first April Stash Bust last year was so much fun that we’re doing it again! Crafting sites like Dollar Store Crafts and Crafting a Green World are sharing tutorials and inspiration to help crafters use what they have, rather than buying new supplies. Craft supplies are a $4.2 billion dollar per year business, and that adds up to a huge crafty impact! Rather than hitting Michael’s or Jo Ann’s, the Stash Bust is all about encouraging crafters to dive into their backlog of supplies and create without buying new.

It’s easy as pie to get in on the April Stash Bust! If you want to participate, just share your own stash busting project and show your stash busting pride with one of the nifty banners that Liz of Cosa Verde created.


Over at Craftzine, they’ve declared April Upcraft Month. The premise is similar to the April Stash bust, and Craft is sharing tutorials to help you create without purchasing new materials.

They kicked things off with a tutorial for making a book clutch from a DVD case. There’s an awesome roster of projects coming up, like “an embellished tank by Jessica Wilson, denim storage bins by Betz White, a special project excerpt from Tiffany Threadgould’s new book, ReMake It!”

Do you have any crafty plans for Earth Day? I’d love to hear what you’re making in the comments!

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Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by lucyellen06


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