The Celtic Commandments

The ancient Celts had their own ideas about what is needed for the health of the spirit and the good of all, and those ideas have a whiff of wild magic and poetry about them. Read the commandments of the Earth-centered Celtic culture here, and see how they differ from those of the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Give thou thine heart to the wild magic,
To the Lord and the Lady of Nature,
Beyond any consideration of this world.
Do not covet large or small,
Do not despise weakling or poor,
Semblance of evil allow not near thee,
Never give nor earn thou shame.
The Ancient Harmonies are given thee,
Understand them early and prove,
Be one with the power of the elements,
Put behind thee dishonour and lies.

Be loyal to the Lord of the Wild Wood,
Be true to the Lady of the Stars,
Be true to thine own self besides,
True to the magic of Nature above all else.
Do not thou curse anyone,
Lest thou threefold cursed shouldst be,
And shouldst thou travel ocean and earth,
Follow the very step of the ancient trackways.

From the Carmina Gadelica, ancient Celtic oral tradition.


Sa D.
Sa D3 years ago

This world does not belong to us
We belong to this world
We need to care for this world not wantonly destroy it as if everything in this world is there to satisfy our greed

Hafapea Nut
Hafapea Nut3 years ago

The book that is credited as the source of these commandments does not, in fact, contain them in any of its six volumes. However, they do exist as Earth's Ten Commandments and the copyright has been held by Earnest Callenbach since 1990:

Here is a link to the incorrect crediting source:
and the book, if you'd like to read it for yourself:

Julie F.
Julie F5 years ago


Becky H.
Becky Holland5 years ago

i have read quite a bit of the Carmina Gadelica and studied Celtic Christianity. Whether you look at the Earth Religions or Christianity, the Celts drew themselves close to the God in everyday life. every action is an action of praise. i fear that is something that too many have lost, the praise of God. they focus on the fear and the Power. If we all worshiped as the Celts, whatever God you praise, we would all be more peaceful. I wish my fellow Christians would open to the God in everyday life and the praise in washing dishes.

Silvia Gonzalez
Silvia Gonzalez5 years ago

Thank you!

Niki E.
Niki E.5 years ago

@reggie T ...its not just a "nice poem" its a way of life.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W5 years ago


Reggie Thomas
Reggie Thomas5 years ago

Nice Celtic poem.

bharathi A.
bharathi A6 years ago

Wonderful. Thank you

Danielle I.
Danielle I6 years ago

Thank You - just lovely :)