Certified Frustration-Free Packaging from Amazon

Anyone who reads my columns knows I am the last person to suggest heading out and buying gifts for the holiday season. Having said that, you’ll also note that I realize that people are people and some take longer to come around than others. So let’s say you are thinking of buying goodies for your loved ones this year but still want to tread lightly, well, there’s still some hope in the form of packaging.

Most of the toys and electronics goods that are sold these days come in all sorts of plastic packaging, the most horrible of which is the dreaded clamshell. We’ve all seen this. That hermetically sealed plastic bubble shell that most electronics and a lot of toys come in. Sure the plastic can be recycled, but by the time you’ve opened it and sliced open a main artery, not only is your mind not wrapped around recycling, but by the time you get back from the emergency room, the dried blood has made it near impossible to be recycled, and into the garbage it goes.

Thankfully, Amazon has come up with Certified Frustration-Free Packaging. In recognizing that a lot of packaging is unwanted, not friendly to the environment, and not very conducive to positive family experiences, Amazon has been working with vendors to create completely recyclable hassle free packaging.

Most packing has three aspects: shelf appearance (that “ooooh” factor that makes you want to buy it), theft deterrence (that’s why so many small items come in large packages) and shipping protection/stacking ability. Amazon looked at all of this and realized that they don’t need things to look good on their shelves, they don’t need to worry about theft the way a normal store would, and there’s more than one way to protect something in shipping and doesn’t need to include plastic.

Basically what they have done is taken all of the clamshell stuff and replaced it with recyclable cardboard. No longer will you have hard to open plastic enclosures filled with thousands of twist ties. Items can be opened in a matter of seconds, and you don’t need to dial “9″, “1″ and hold your finger on the “1″ while Mom or Dad slices through to the prize inside. In fact, the packaging has been designed to be opened without the use of a box cutter or knife. Just think of it!

Now before you go off asking what happened to the original packaging, fear not. The plastic stuff never even enters into the picture as Amazon gets things this way straight from the manufacturer. There are a fair number of products available, and you can even leave them feedback on how to improve on these or other items where it comes to packaging.

Like I said, my two cents, skip packaging all together and make something for someone.But if you are going the manufactured route, save some time, some frustration, and pollute a little less by checking out frustration-free packaging.


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I think these boxes are a smart solution on the part of Amazon. I also reuse my boxes for sending things in the mail. The next step might be for the boxes not to require packaging tape to be secured. If there were some type of velcro type way to keep mailers and boxes closed, then they could be re-used over and over again, especially between family members who send and recieve gifts every year.