Charter of Concern for All Species

Deep ecology’s concern for all species is extended by the principles of its Charter, which highlights human interdependence with the natural world. The Charter is a thoughtful look at our responsibilities for the environment.

See how many of these 13 Charter points you agree with and think need to become part of a responsible outlook to the future?

Charter of Rights and Responsibilities for the Environment

* The biosphere is a community to which we belong rather than a commodity belonging to us.

* All species have inherent value in the biosphere.

* Human beings have stewardship for the quality of water, air and soil of the biosphere.

* The entropic throughput of natural resources should reflect their real costs as a factor in production and consumption.

* The health and well-being of humans and all other species is inseparable from the health and well-being of the biosphere.

* Development must be in harmony with the environment.

* Any production that is not sustainable cannot be counted as capital.

* Optimal allocation of human and natural resources must be in harmony with optimal scale, recognizing the finite limits of the biosphere.

* Human activity must not be conducted at the irreversible expense of other species and ecosystems.

* Diversity is integral to a sustainable society.

* Sustainable development maintains or enhances the integrity of natural resource capital, thereby contributing to the increased well-being of all species.

* The present generation has an obligation to future generations.

* The health of one nation ultimately affects the health of all nations.

Adapted from The Sustainability Revolution, by Andres R. Edwards (New Society Publishers, 2005). Copyright (c) 2005 by Andres R. Edwards. Reprinted by permission of New Society Publishers.
Adapted from The Sustainability Revolution, by Andres R. Edwards (New Society Publishers, 2005).


Jess Byars
Jessica B6 years ago

Amazing! I completely agree with all points. The hard part is trying to pry open the eyes of the ignorant and greedy.

Rose Balcom
Rose Balcom6 years ago

The ideals of this charter are great in theory but lost in modern day reality. In a world with so many humans to feed, house, clothe, transport, educate, entertain etc. every aspect of our modern lives would breach many of the points of this charter. Unless we went back to living in caves, and a hunter/gathering existance. Even then we would still breach points in this charter by our predomance on this planet.

K s Goh
KS Goh7 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Robert O.
Robert O7 years ago

Very true and profound. It should be law. Thank you!

MG Haidar Syed
MG Haidar Syed7 years ago

agreed 100% with charter. It should be spread

Bb La Desh
.7 years ago

That's a great charter that we all need to sign, especially the transnationals. It should be implemented as law!