Cheap Green Home Heat Tips

Although the globe may be warming, we still need to heat our homes once autumn chill sets in. But staying warm doesn’t need to break your bank account or make the planetary problem worse: find out how to reduce your heating bills and your environmental impact with these simple tips. We even include a nifty quiz so you can see how your heating habits rate: are you an eco-angel or do you have a carbon footprint the size of a Yeti’s? Find out.

First, here is a simple To Do List to help get you prepared for heating season:

1. If you have storm windows, get them out of summer storage and wash and install them. (Check out Annie’s super-cheap and effective window washing formula.)

2. Have your furnace cleaned so that it operates at maximum efficiency.

3. Have your chimney and flues cleaned to prevent fires.

4. Dust all your radiators or heating elements: nobody needs the smell of fried dust in their homes once the heat goes on, plus who needs to waste heat warming it up?

Where does a lot of our heat (and money and energy resources) go? Right out the window. Practice these simple, clever strategies for weatherizing your windows instead, so you can let in the light without kissing your heating dollars goodbye or adding a few sizes to your carbon footprint. You’ll learn about energy-saving low-e windows and the best caulks to use–and if you don’t know what a window quilt is, you’ll be glad to find out.

You wonít believe how much of a difference in your heating bill these ten thermostat tips will make.

So, how much of an eco-angel are you when it comes to heating your home? Find out how your winter energy use rates with this fun quiz.

By the Care2 Staff.


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