Choose the Best Cosmetic Ingredient Oils for Your Skin

Just as one clothing size doesnít fit all, so too, all cosmetic oils arenít the same when it comes to your own skin. And, just as you could look awful wearing the wrong sized clothing, so too, choosing the wrong oil for your skin could make it too dry or oily, and be unhealthy, too.

Here is a guide for how to choose products with oils that are *really* right for your skin. Have you been using lip balm or lipstick with petroleum oils? Creams with oils for skin that is younger or older than yours? Which oil does your skin drink up thirstily instead? Here is information about 15 different oils. Give your skin a real treat and find the oils that will be just right.

Mineral Oil, petroleum jelly, petrolatum: Derived from petroleum.

Emu Oils: Derived from dead birds.

Castor Oils: Find out if yours is from the bean or from muskrats and beavers.

Squaline: Determine if it is derived from sharks or plant oils.

Avocado: A lush, rich oil, and one of the most moisturizing; especially perfect for older skin.

Almond: A high protein oil that is lubricating and particularly good for dry skin.

Apricot kernel: Rich, lubricating, soothing and emollient. Great for lip balm.

Cocoa Butter: Water repellent, protective, helpful for dry skin, with some sun blocking qualities.

Grapeseed Oil: One of the least greasy oils that is ideal for protective creams, such as sun screens and blocks, for those with oily skin

Lanolin:The fat from sheep (found in pharmacies as anhydrous lanolin). Lanolin is a very rich, water repellent, oily cream, best for older skin, or skin that is cracked and chapped.

Peanut: A good oil for dry skin because it is nondrying, it is also nutritious and quite adequate for most skin types.

Sesame: An oil with natural sunscreen qualities, it is rich and anti-inflammatory.

Jojoba: Technically a liquid wax which will never go rancid, jojoba is a good lubricant for most skin types.

Olive Oil: Olive oil is a slow dryer, and wonít go rancid for a long time. Olive oil is better for younger skin.

Shea Butter: Used frequently in moisturizers as a natural sunscreen, it is also a great emollient and moisturizer. Ideal for older skin.

Wheat Germ Oil: A very nutritious oil rich in vitamin E. The vitamin E provides preservative properties, and this oil is used for the reason in some products.

By Annie B. Bond


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What is the source of your information? I am older and use olive oil but will now try some others in the article. However, I do like to know the source of information like this.

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thanks for breaking it down, sometimes i dont buy the right products to target the right problem!

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