Clarity: The First Step to Realizing Your Dreams

Clarity means being super clear on what it is that you want. This is step number one when starting to define your brand. What is your mission? What is it that you are selling? What is it that you do that is different from everyone else? Answering these questions is vital because clarity is the fuel for the rest of the business growth process. In order to achieve big goals you canít have doubts. Doubts show up when you are unsure of what you are trying to achieve, and clarity helps remove them. So how do you get clarity?

Clarity comes from knowing what youíre best at and how you affect peoplesí lives, and you can identify these strengths in a number of ways. One of the best is to work with someone who is focused on helping you understand yourself and what your clients think of you. If you donít have someone to hire then do some self analysis. Ask yourself: What are the themes of your life? What do you stand for? What gets you excited? You will know when you hit a chord because these are the things that you will stop at nothing to make happen. Survey your clients, what have they gotten from working with you? What do they think is your top strength? So figure out what would be the best way for you to clarify your objectives. You will know if you donít have it if you are constantly second guessing yourself or just feel as though you are all over the place. This is a frustrating cycle and can prevent you from moving forward. When you feel this, itís time to get some outside perspective.

As simple as all this may seem, I know that its not. I can say this from my own personal experience. Clarity has been something that I have struggled with my whole life. However, the things that I knew deeply and did not doubt, I achieved. The interesting thing is that it didnít matter how big or audacious the goal was, if I was clear, it happened. I was very clear at a young age that I wanted to travel and live in different countries. Given that I was the daughter of a dairy farmer in Virginia, this seemed nearly impossible. Nobody in my family had traveled outside of the country before and we didnít have a lot of money. We certainly did not spend family vacations in the south of France. This desire I had drove me to constantly seek out and find opportunities that would allow me to see the world. By the time I was 25 I was living in South Africa working for a bank that paid my salary in US dollars and all my travel expenses. It was a dream almost beyond imagination come true.

This achievement taught me early on that whatever I set my mind to I could make happen. You would think then that I would have no doubts about my abilities. But this isnít true. In fact, I think there is something about achieving things that makes it harder for the next time. This is the funny thing about confidence and clarity. Thereís a difference, and you need both in order to succeed. The utmost confidence in yourself doesnít matter if you donít know what it is you want to achieve.

There is no stopping point in the process of exercising your confidence and finding clarity in order to create a life of your dreams. Even the most accomplished people experience doubt and must expunge it with clarity of purpose. When Oprah started OWN, she was nervous and scared of its potential in failing (I read this in a magazine article). This coming from a woman who has proved herself over and over again to be one of the most successful women in the US. Itís obvious that she is driven by purpose because that is her brand. I have no doubts that in creating OWN, she was clear on her goals. It was just the next step in her vision and it was big. Her confidence was shaky because it’s a new ventureÖ her vision, crystal clear.
Although her story has been on a bigger stage than most, Oprahís story is typical of the game of achievement. Itís a lifelong journey of new goals and challenges, and the more you get in touch with whatís right for you, the easier it is to know your goals are the right ones and approach them with confidence. Find clarity. Donít deny yourself one of the key ingredients to achieving your dreams. And if you need a hand, I can help. I know the exhilaration of finding focus, and Iíd love to help you do the same!


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Good article. I think most of us have trouble clarifying our goals at different times in our lives - times of mega change due to job loss, relationship ends and even good changes such as retirement, parenthood, etc. But, once we get our feet under us again, clarifying our vision of the future we seek is the first step in manifesting it.

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thanks for this helpful information

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David N., your comment is definitely worthy of a Green Star. But since I sent you one yesterday, I am not able to send you another one today.

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Laura, I agree that clarity, focus, and determination are the primary "keys" to success. I am an inventor and published author with over five decades of agriculture development and national security work in 42 developing nations. In 1995, I started a charity (NPI) to expand my ability to assist those in need. Over the years, I have found that it was necessary to add a "know your enemy sub-category" in order to find complete clarity. As an example, Big Oil has worked hard to deter my green energy technologies designed to help Third World populations produce their own biofuels and green electricity. Once you know your enemy it is possible to find ways to circumvent their "blocking" efforts to prevent you from achieving your goal(s).