Clear Out and Clean Up for a Happier Life

Many of us today have too many things in our homes, too many people to stay in touch with, and too many thoughts racing through our minds. This is the age of just TOO much. But if we could look at the word “TOO” and remove 1/3 if this word and add the words “path” and “happiness” we can change our lives with this new mantra: “Path TO Happiness.” This is a path that we can walk along as we clear the clutter in our lives and find the simple peace that comes with cleaned up homes, clear relationships and quiet minds.

One teaches what one needs to learn and boy do I need to learn to clear the clutter!

The Clutter: I began to clear the clutter in the house I have been living in for almost 30 years. The first time I went though the house, I got rid of boxes and boxes of things and it is now time to go through the house again, and get rid of another 30 percent of what is here. One of the things that helps me get rid of things, is to realize that something I am not using, someone else may need. Taking bags of clothing to Goodwill is a great choice for me. I am sure you all have different places to take things you are not using.

The People: Clearing relationships is a tough one. Most of the relationships in my life feel pretty clear these days, although there are a few people in my life with whom I would like to experience more healing. About five years ago I made a list of the relationships in my life that in my opinion, needed improvement. In most cases progress has been made, but there are some people in my life who do not feel the same way about me as I feel about them, and are not interested in having a better relationship with me. When this happens, acceptance is needed on my part.

In some relationships, I need to set boundaries as I am not able to spend the time and energy in the relationship that is being asked of me. I have to hope that those people can accept that I am not able to respond as they would like.

The Mind: Clearing the clutter in the mind is extremely challenging. For me, quiet music, walks outside and meditation help a lot. Watching stimulating and violent televisions shows put my mind in a state where sleep becomes impossible. Each individual has to experiment and find out what helps to create a quiet mind.

Avoiding the news is NOT on my list. Our world has many problems and sitting on top of the mountain meditating is not going to solve all our problems of war, poverty and pollution. Meditation is helpful personally and in my opinion also helpful to the world consciousness, but meditation must be followed with actions that are helpful to the world. And staying in touch with what is going on by reading or listening to the news is important.

I know I worry less when I can actually DO something about a problem. So one of the fastest ways to clear my mind when I am worrying about a personal or world problem, is to commit to an action that I will take that can help solve that problem.

As we remove 1/3 of the word “Too” and it becomes “To” perhaps this can remind us to remove 1/3 of the clutter in our lives and follow the Path To Happiness. provides content and community for who you aspire to be–personally, socially and globally.

By Carole Lynne, Intent


Mac C.
mac C6 years ago

Very nice article. Thank you.

Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

Alicia N.
Alicia N6 years ago

KUDOS for you darling.

Great, great article full with honesty and truth ... Good luck to you.

Janine F.
Janine F6 years ago


Pam Rhia S.
.8 years ago

This is a great article and so very true. I have tended as I have aged over the past 4 or 5 years to keep "more stuff" and have a bit more clutter around than I did when I was younger. I find myself wondering at times why I am saving certain things, when I know they probably will just sit there, collect dust, be in the way, and not get used. I have to make a conscious effort to say "NO", you are not keeping that "whatever it is", trash it, give it away etc. My home is small, which does leave me at the place of limited space, so it helps that I simply do not have the room to accommodate things that I really will not put to use. My mind tends to be a conundrum or sorts, has been for years. I find my writing helps to put things back in perspective, and clear out all of the worldly situations, the "voices" (and no I am not nuts when I say voices in my head) LOL... the tiny voices that kind of overtake my thinking if I don't sit down, analyze why I my mind is in a clutter, and then decide what I need to do to either solve a problem, or let go of some of the daily matters that honestly there is nothing we can do about. What was change about having an issue in mind, then taking positive action to change it, does help me also.

I never really thought about how many of us deal with a cluttered mind daily, or even to look at all of the ideas, issues, problems, thoughts, and so forth that swirl around in our minds. Thinking of it in terms of clutter, puts it into a perspective for me.

Linda S.
Linda S8 years ago

The ReUseIt Network is another great way to get rid your your clutter. There always seems to be someone who can use what you no longer need or want.

Beth H.
Beth G8 years ago has been great for me locally since I can find people who can use what I am giving away, and often they are green, frugal living people who are also making less money. And I like helping people who are making a serious effort to not be materialistic, but may simply need something like garden tools, clothes for fast growing children, auto parts etc. Another thing that has been helpful are local lending libraries, where a person can check out a tool or other item that a person only needs on occasion. Why buy a lawn mower when I only need to use one twice a month? Or a chop saw for a home project that I will only use once a year for a week? There are also lending libraries for toys as well which sure helps parents who don't want to be buying new toys all the time. Today, Monday, I am going thru even more stuff to get ready to send to a thrift store and give to Freecycle.

cecily w.
cecily w8 years ago

One thing that might help is to keep in mind that just because you have donated or sold most of your books doesn't mean that you can NEVER get a book from the library. Or, just because you have removed someone from frequent contact doesn't mean you can NEVER be in contact with them again. Life is fluid. The older we get, the more we accumulate. Letting go is necessary.