Clutter…Be Gone The Green Way!

If a home could talk, we might want it to greet us at the door like this:

Welcome! I am healthy and happy because someone takes good care of me. Can I take good care of you?”

If clutter is lurking in the nooks and crannies of your home, I’m sad to report, your home will not say this. But, there is hope. When it comes to cleaning and decorating my nest, I rely on the guiding principles of green and this simple equation:

Cleaning + Detox + Downsizing = Decluttering

Do the math using this eco-friendly bag of tricks, and say good-bye to clutter!

Reducing your stuff goes hand and hand with lowering your consumption. If clutter has taken over your space, maybe you have too much stuff? Purge to downsize the excess items and reclaim space. Sell, donate or repurpose items. Floor bins of stuff, and piles on surfaces take up valuable real estate. Think vertical storage to free up floor space. Put items you don’t use often up high. Don’t forget that the best way to declutter is to not buy more stuff.

Some of the unwanted items you’ll want to donate, sell or give away. Once you’ve decided to keep something, make sure you love it. If it no longer works in your living space, give it a new life. If you repurpose an old item, you’ll eliminate the need to produce a new one and the need to dispose of the old. That’s an eco-win. Create a designated space for items you want to keep and reuse. Furnishings that do double duty help minimize clutter. For instance, a closed chest that holds linens can double as a coffee or end table.

Create spaces for storage systems and recycling centers. Don’t forget to get your whole family on board. Kids bring home a ridiculous amount of papers. Have a system for papers that can be tossed in three bins: 1. to use the other side of the paper or for scrap paper, 2. to be filed, and 3. to be recycled. Lead by example and teach your family to put away things after they are finished. This can be a difficult learning lesson that may require consistency, but think of the alternative…clutter.

Get Reinspired: Here’s a dose of decluttering inspiration and 10 more ways to reduce it in your home.

If all else fails, use your head and Reimagine how fabulous it will feel to live in a clean home that welcomes you with uncluttered arms.


Elisa F.
Elisa F4 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

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Danuta W5 years ago

thanks for sharing

LM Sunshine
James Merit6 years ago

Wonderful info and articles, thank you for sharing!

Michele G.
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Jane Warre
Jane Warren6 years ago

I'm trying. Following another tip I read (somewhere here?), I have started requesting "no straw" with my beverage in restaurants.

Rachel Skelly
Rachel S6 years ago

great! i am such a declutter-er and i never know what to do with all the crap! i recycle all the recyclables and try to donate what i can. thanks for the new tips!!!!

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great article, thanks :)

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Robert O.
Robert O6 years ago

Thanks. I've done a pretty good job keeping theclutter to a minimum and inplenting a ploicy that for every 1 thing that comes in the front door, 1 item equivalent in size and value (monetary or otherwise) must go out. It works for me.