Conserve Water this Summer with These Simple Tips

Balking at those summer water bills? Check out these tips to help you conserve water and some bonus water-saving resources!

Water use tends to increase during the summer. From filling that swimming pool to watering the lawn and maybe even taking more showers because of summer sweatiness, there are lots of areas where we use more water during the summer months. If your home has any sort of lawn, chances are this your biggest leak when it comes to water usage, and it can feel a little bit hard to control, can’t it? If you don’t water the lawn, it bakes and everything dies, and that’s no fun at all!

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The EPA WaterSense program has come up with a handy infographic that gets into just how much water the average American pours into his or her lawn and ways that we can all cut back on water use without letting our precious plants wither and wilt. Below the graphic, you can check out some other articles on how to conserve water whether you have a lawn or not!

You can click the graphic to view a larger version:

conserve water this summer

Resources to Help You Conserve Water This Summer

This graphic is a huge help if you have a lawn that’s accounting for a large part of your water usage, but what about for folks with small yard or no yard at all? You can still save water!

Because I live in Atlanta – an area that’s struggled for decades with drought – water conservation is an important issue for me, and I’ve written about it quite a bit. These are some of the other articles I’ve written on how to conserve water:

What do you do to conserve water around your home? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!


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The best tip I can think of is to rip out all your water-guzzling lawn areas, and replace them with the latest-generation of artificial turf. Dogs and kids seem to be just fine with it, the new stuff really does look like the real thing, it allows water to pass right through since the grass and the base are both permeable, you never have to mow or water it, and it lasts about 15-20 years.

Grass lawns are the single biggest water-guzzlers in a landscape, so if you're not into artificial turf, try replacing your lawns with hardscaping - patios, decks, terraces (party areas), play areas covered in mulch, and so on. Then use the watering tips in the article to take care of what greenery is left in your landscape.

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