Create a Healing Dream Temple

Since time immemorial, people have created special places in which to sleep and dream. The dreaming chamber on the island of Malta is one example, but dream temples are found everywhere from Sinai to Lydney in Gloucestershire, Britain, from China to Thebes. These places were meant to ďincubateĒ wise, deep dreams that would bring guidance and healing to the dreamer.

Most of us donít have a dream temple located conveniently nearby, but the idea of receiving valuable, healing dreams is an appealing one, so here are the five simple steps for creating a dream temple anywhere you like. Great wisdom can come from our dreams.

1. Find or create a special place for dreaming.
For those of us fortunate enough to have more than enough rooms in our living space, the answer is simple: make one of those rooms–perhaps a guest room that is rarely used–into a dream place. Furnish it sparklingly, but make sure that the bed is comfortable.

For the majority of us, who donít have room to spare, we need to be a little bit more creative. Clear some space in a room youíre comfortable in and designate it as your dream place. If you can partition it off somehow when you sleep there, all the better.

Some churches, synagogues, or mosques allow people to remain overnight. Or you could choose a location out of doors that has special significance to you.

2. Prepare the space.
All the time, keep in mind that you are preparing your sleeping space to facilitate your dreaming.

3. Prepare yourself.
You are going to be welcoming dreams in a way that you donít ordinarily–so treat the experience as special from the outset. You might want to take a long bath. Make yourself comfortable. Eat lightly, if at all, for dinner. Itís probably best if you donít consume alcohol or smoke the day before your dream incubation. As you go through your activities, keep in mind that you are preparing yourself to welcome dreams.

4. Focus on dreaming.
Throughout your day, you are simply preparing yourself to be more receptive to dreams. Focus on dreaming. If you have a particular issue in your life, you might tell yourself to ask for guidance in your dream.

5. Sweet dreams.
This is not a one-shot exploration. Try it for a few days or even a week–or as long as you like.

Adapted from The World Dream Book, by Saravananda Bluestone (Inner Traditions, 2002). Copyright (c) 2002 by Saravananda Bluestone. Reprinted by permission of Inner Traditions.
Adapted from The World Dream Book, by Saravananda Bluestone (Inner Traditions, 2002).


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