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How You Live Your Day is How You Live Your Life

“Most people have created a habit of constantly complaining in their mind,” Louise tells me. “Each time we do this, it is an affirmation, a very negative affirmation. The more we complain, the more we find to complain about. Life always gives us what we concentrate on. The more we concentrate on what is wrong in our life, the more wrongs we will find. The more wrongs we find, the more miserable we will become. It’s an endless cycle. We become a constant victim of life.”

And that’s when we feel like we’re stuck in a rut, I add. Once again, that’s when we need to get back in the driver’s seat and take charge of our thinking.

“Yes. The only person who can stop this negative landslide is the person who is doing the complaining. But first they have to recognize what they’re doing. Second, they have to recognize when they’re doing it. It is only when we recognize that we’re saying a negative affirmation that we can make the change. As people drop this self-damaging habit, they will watch themselves move from being victims to being conscious creators of their lives.

“Whether the habit we want to dissolve is complaining or something else, it is the same process. Notice I said dissolve, not break. When we break something, the pieces are still around. When we dissolve something, the whole experience disappears. I like to think it goes back to the nothingness from whence it came. Habits come from nowhere, and they can go back to nowhere. We all have habits. Some of them really support us, and some are letting us down. We want to select the ones that will contribute to creating love and joy; prosperity; good health; and a happy, peaceful mind.”

So we need to remember who created the habits we live with now, and who’s in charge of changing them.

“Yes. If there is anything negative in our lives, we want to find out how we are contributing to holding it in place. What are we doing to attract and maintain the negative conditions in our world? We are all powerful creators who create continuously. My experience has taught me that it is vital to a happy life that we become consciously aware of the negative chatter in our minds. What are we thinking? Why are we thinking this thought? What is this thought creating for us in our world?

“Once you notice this habit, the next step is to stop beating yourself up for thinking these thoughts. You could tell yourself, No wonder I’m having this negative reaction — it’s because I’m thinking this negative thought. Now I want to become aware of every time I do it so I can dissolve the habit. And the next time you catch yourself doing it, say, Oh, caught myself again, that’s great; it is part of the dissolving process. I’m getting there. We want to rejoice when we’re in the process of dissolving a negative habit. The idea is to stay in the present or look toward the future with a positive outlook as much as possible.


Excerpted from You Can Create an Exceptional Life by Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson. Published by Hay House.


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